Always get your blood sugar and cholesterol under control with these simple and quick tips to follow while on the diet.

It’s not new that poor eating habits and a sedentary life have a major impact on health. Specifically, when it comes to heart health, traditional risk factors can be divided into two: non-modifiable factors, such as age, gender, and genetic component; or adjustable, i.e. arterial pressure, presence of blood lipids, glycemic control and cigarette smoking.

modifiable factors

To avoid encountering unpleasant situations, the most important factor will certainly be to work on prevention. Correct lifestyle habits, constant physical activity and above all a balanced and correct diet will actually work miracles. In this regard, then, we must always remember the importance of sleep and its effect on the amount of stress. This essential component of our lives must therefore be balanced in terms of quantity and quality. In general, a consistent good sleep of at least six hours every night is always recommended to prevent risk factors from increasing.

Likewise, we should not underestimate the importance of one meal over another: breakfast. A meal is actually a very important variable that affects a large percentage of your daily energy. Therefore, you should not only be careful with what you eat for breakfast, but also be careful not to skip it. Avoiding this meal of the day, for whatever reason, can have very undesirable effects in the long run.

Always get your blood sugar and cholesterol under control with these simple and quick tips to follow while on the diet.

As for a healthy diet, then, in principle, to be based on the Mediterranean model, we must follow some tips. So we will always have to eat a lot of vegetables, consuming at least one every day. Likewise, you should incorporate plenty of fruit, while limiting the consumption of sugary types such as grapes, figs and bananas. As for the intake of carbohydrates, we should prefer instead exclusively whole grains, always keeping moderate portions.

We also avoid meat, especially red meat, for which we may prefer to cut out lean foods like fish and legumes: they are equal in goodness and, in many cases, healthy sources of protein. Or finally, as dairy products, we should instead limit ourselves to only milk or for the most part yoghurt, in an effort to cut down on the consumption of cheese that is not fresh and very ripe. Thanks to these tips, we will then discover that it will not be too difficult to always control your blood sugar and cholesterol and thus lead a healthier life.


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