Benettons baptize “Schemaquarantatrè” to offer it to Atlantia. But 43 of them are also victims of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge

Sensitivity and empathy They were never a source of strength for the Benetton family because the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge sadly taught the whole country. Now entrepreneurs at Ponzano Veneto are re-emphasizing this insensitivity characteristic of baptism “a planThe newly created holding company will be used to launch an offer with the Blackstone Fund on all shares in Atlantia of which they already own 30%. It is hoped that 43 is also the number of people who lost their lives in Genoa in August 14, 2018. “Details” that immediately absorbed Eagle Posetti, Chairman of the Commemoration Committee for the Morandi Bridge Victims. “Is this a joke?” Bosetti asked herself upon reading the name. “It really isn’t. In fact, Scheme 43 is the name of the company that will manage the shares acquired from Benetton italian money, On the skin of our families. Are they there or are they? Or was “Running the 43” profitable? We are disgusted, bitter, disappointed, there is nothing else to say,” the president adds. To launch the show, the Benettons will also use a part Of the 8 billion euros received by the state To sell an 88% stake in Autostrade.

However, the choice of the name of the new company is not accidental. From Schemaventi to Schemaquarantadue Edizione, the term Benetton family finance company often uses the term a plan, In incremental numbers, to determine their operational financial mechanisms. Schemaventi acquired Sme in 1994, Schemaventiquattro in 2000 worked on Grandi Stazioni while Schemaventotto was also responsible for the takeover bid of Autostrade in 2000. Instead, Schematrentatré controls the financial investments in Generali and Mediobanca. Schematrentaquattro controls 50.1 percent of Autogrill. “We can understand the rationale in name management One of the operational financial vehicles of the Benetton family. But minimal attentionEthics should use it. Instead – continues the spokesperson for the commission – it seemed to us that this operation was in a very poor state.”

in the last days Alessandro Benetton He gave an interview to Reuters saying that after the Morandi Bridge tragedy “we should have apologized immediately,” adding “even if there was only one family member on the board of a company where we have 30 percent.” The director did not like the relatives of the victims. They are trying to restore virginity. The mistake of silence after the crash Yes, of course, but there are bigger mistakes. The problem is that moving Aspi to the country will cost us all as citizens.”

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