Can’t You Lose Weight Here’s the shock study

Diet, can’t you lose weight? Below is a study of trauma focusing on one possible cause of this (non) finding.

Even with the arrival of summer, many are starting to think about trying fashion Get fit and lose weight. In addition to physical activity, to lose weight, it is necessary to eat well, by contacting a nutritionist.

Presented the new study regarding weight loss and obesity (Photo: Pixabay).

But why, even if we live a healthy life, We fail to lose weight as often as we would like? A new study has focused meticulously on answering this question by highlighting One possible reason is, yesCertainly not what you were expecting.

Diet, can’t you lose weight? Here is a shock study that reveals one possible cause

When we think of diet, many parts of our body come to mind and thus we believe that by working on it, we can lose weight. However, there is another very important factor that determines weight loss and, in general, our psychophysical well-being: sleep.

According to recent research (published in the scientific journal temper nature) conducted by the University of Copenhagen A Better and longer sleep can help you lose weight; The results of the surveys were presented to the European Congress on Obesity, agreement. treaty Focused precisely on the problem of obesity in the world.

It is well known that a good sleep is beneficial for our whole body, and provides us with physical and mental well-being; Prolonged bad rest can bring us various diseases It appears to increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, cholesterol and fat in the arteries.

Weight loss diet
The importance of sleep to our well-being (Photo: Pixabay).

Moreover, not getting enough sleep for the hours the body needs can also be linked to diabetes, infections, and heart disease. In summary, research conducted by the University of Copenhagen on about 195 obese adults indicates that Lack of hygiene during sleep can cause you to regain lost weight after diet and not only.

Once again, search highlights The importance of sleep And comfort in our lives, a factor we should never overlook.

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