Dodge Hornet, we may soon see an Alpha Tonale lookalike

Alfa Romeo Tonale’s twin, Dodge Hornet, is on the way. The US automaker has announced that it will unveil the new Hornet in August. This car is according to reports Car NewsIt will be built at the Pomigliano plant where the new Alfa Romeo SUV is produced. Production will start in June.

Dodge Hornet looks like an Alpha – Motori.News

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis explained that the goal is to reveal the new model in late summer. The problem of component supply, the crunch of chips, still needs to be resolved, so it remains to be seen: the timing may vary.

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Dodge Hornet and Alpha Tonale: How alike are they?

Judging by the pictures released online in February of the Tonale with the Dodge logo on, it should look like the Tonale. On the one hand aestheticsthere do not seem to be significant differences.

regarding Contents There must be some differences in the two models.

Like the Alfa Romeo Tonale, the Dodge Hornet model features one Plugin version: It is not clear, however, whether it will be equipped with power generation From Tonale (with the same strength) or from a different unit.

Dodge Hornet looks like it
Dodge Hornet look alike engines

What kind of engines should we expect inside a Dodge model? The suggestion of all Alfa Romeo Tonale units is unreliable.

The first answer might be this: Tonale will be able to count on higher level finishes than those offered by Hornet.

Dodge Hornet: Switching to electric

Dodge Hornet compact crossover And the first hybrid from the American brand with a turbocharged 1.3 Multiair four-cylinder at the front and an electric motor at the rear. It will share the chassis and engines with the Tonale, and sales in the US should begin early 2023.

It is the turning point towards electrification of an American brand that will launch one in two years Electric muscle car with a “unique sound” (unheard of), a zero-emissions sports car.

Dodge Hornet
Dodge Hornet – Engines

It was called Hornet with the concept that was introduced in 2006 in Geneva Motor Show who has never seen the light before.

In addition to being born from the same production lines as Pomigliano d’Arco, the new Hornet will also exploit the Tonale platform, Small-scale United States In the long wheelbase version.

Dodge Hornet: When will the market launch?

We still have to wait 4 months to discover the contents of the new Dodge Hornet. In any case, all available clues indicate that it will be presented this summer American similar to Alfa Romeo Tonali At least in terms of design.

The CEO of Dodge has announced that before introducing the new Hornet model, the American brand must reveal the concept of the electric version. He hopes so and adds that to electric alternative Market launch planned for this year 2024.

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