He discovers her alive and loses his mind

He discovers that his friend destroyed his car during the last episode of big show and lose his head. Friendship destroyed.

Let’s find out what happened in the program he runs Enrico Papi around her spark.

Previews for the last episode of Big Show

Like we said, this will be the last episode of Big Show with Enrico Papi. Precisely for this reason, it will truly be a date that should not be missed for no reason at all.

As already happened during the previous episodes of this broadcast, the real heroes will be ordinary people who do not expect to receive surprise or experience magical and special moments. Often they are people present in the theater audience.

On this date, too, we will see some surprises, ups and downs, and sweet feelings. Especially in this episode because it will be the last of this season. At the moment, it is not known if there will be a second season to air Enrico Papi.

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Tonight is the last episode of Big Show with Enrico Papi

Although there are only a few hours left for the final episode of the big show to air, the evening’s guests have yet to be announced. Surely on the stage with the conductor there will be: Comedian Scintilla, Miss Italy Ziodi de Palma and singer Cristina Davina.

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Big Show, a friend broke his car

Alessio He wanted to send a message to his friend GG Who wrecked the car to him while he was working in his garage.

The message was delivered as usual Christina Davina. With the usual song it was revealed that it was already Alessio to destroy the machine. Not happy, she also tried to clean up the damage to the kit the car had given her.

GG He didn’t take it well, on the contrary. He said he would not forgive him and that they would talk about him separately. A completely understandable reaction on the part of the victim of the crime.

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