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In this period it is difficult for Italians to move forward and families have to deal with stronger increases in all the normal sounds of everyday life.

Light, gas, and gasoline are increasing inexorably, unfortunately The war in Ukraine shows no sign of being resolved As a result, according to experts, the sting will last a long time.

Like their presence immediately on the account
ANSA / Alessandro de Meo

For many families, it is now very difficult to move forward and it is not surprising that Italians are asking en masse European universal basic income.

€300 bonus: open to all families

In fact, many families now fear that it no longer exists Not even the minimum to continue Basic income is becoming an increasingly hot topic. But a reward comes from the government that can give Italian families a breath of fresh air. This is a bonus of 300 euros ISEE cover not included.

This bonus focuses on the growing need for modern families that resonate Whether at work or study we are talking about Internet connectivity. This 300 euros will in fact allow families to get a very fast connection at the expense of the state. The bonus works as follows: it will allow you to have a connection of at least 30 Mbps and there are no certain requirements from the point of view of ISEE, so it will be available to all families. It’s finally a file A voucher worth €300 valid for 24 months The fund allocated by the government is equal to 400 million euros.

Real Reward Limit

The only real condition to receive this reward There is no internet at home Or you have a quick connection Less than 30 Mbps. So if you have a connection of 30Mbps and above, you will not be able to request the bonus. This 300 euros will cover 50% of the contract with the operator. But the good news is that if you use this coupon with an operator It will not prevent you from changing operators at a later time. So the Internet operator will not be able to tell the customer that if he changes the operator, he will lose the bonus. This concept was clearly expressed in the legislation that created this reward Specifically to prevent operators from taking advantage of the bonus To prevent clients from them. This bonus represents an opportunity to renew the bonds of Italians.

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