Pay attention to the date of June 21, you risk losing money if you do not act immediately

We report legal advice to a dedicated attorney for those who have a mail book identified as “idle”. What to do by June 21.

there Very important deadline that he should know Postal account holders or ledger. Poste Italiane published a file List on the official website Where all the relationships that will appear extinct. Watch out for people who don’t move right away lose all money.

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to dormant postal book I mean accurate Category Relationship with the post office. There are some Steps to be taken to ensure that the existing relationship is not transferred to Consap and refund the money in the account. That’s what the lawyer says.

According to the lawyer, what does everyone who has a dead mail book do?

According to Articles 1 and 2 of DPR 22/6/2007 n. 116, Executive Regulations, Art. 1 Paragraph 345 of Law 23/12/2005 n. 266,Relationships that are not handled after 10 years of free availability of amounts and have a balance greater than €100 are automatically extinguished. “

By next June 21 All of the above relationships that are not subject to any changes in the date of November 30, 2021 They will come closed. All the money not yet made I moved to Consap It can be recovered in several ways. The first thing to do is Check the postal brochure in your name on Poste Italiane Among those identified as sleepers.

After that, you can make a file withdrawal or any operation / movement. You can also Go to the post office and shape document who – which Money transfer is prohibited – By law – For Consap. The pregnant The report can also send a file registered parcel Or an e-mail Pec to the agency or to Italian Registered Post Office.

Sleeping postal books, what the law says

We have to report the fact The Italian Post Office is not required to communicate by law With a personal message there postal book case sleepy. The law states that notices posted on the official website are fully valid. Sometimes Poste sends notifications, but Not all holders of inactive brochures received it.

Furthermore it Postal code, or DPR 29/3/1973, n. 156, BC. 168, the letter c states that “Credits of ledgers with an expiring thirty-year term are determined in favor of the Post Office when the credit is greater than one thousand liras between principal and interest.

So There is still time to claim your money Even if it’s for Consap, The important thing is to act by June 21.

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