Primavera, Turin – Atalanta 2-0: Match report

Ligue 1 Primavera de Torino – Atalanta 2021/2022: official squads, pre-match, news, results and match report

The penultimate day of Primavera 1, which will see Torino take to the field against Atalanta. Coppitelli Bombs are back in Philadelphia two years after they were last seen. So this temple that is part of Turin’s history can become the right key to bringing the score home. It promises to be an essential match for the home team which, in case of victory, will mathematically reach redemption. However, the goddess, who already had a pass from the qualifiers in his pocket, would try to close it in the best possible way. Present at Filadelfia Ivan Juric and Gian Piero Gasperini, their first teams’ technicians, seated near the stands. With them, former Granata technician Cotavava, Moretti and Fagnati. Departure at 16:00. Follow the Torino-Atalanta Primavera live broadcast at

Primavera, Turin – Atalanta 2-0: Match report

Signs: pt 26′ Zanetti (T); pt 42′ sinusitis (T)

ammonites: pt 7′ Chiwisa (A); st 3, Regonesi (A); st. 15′ panada (a); st 31′ Reali (T); st 40′ Savini (T)

Turin (4-3-3): Milan. Dellavalle, N’Guessan, Reali, Angori; Garbett, Savini (st 41, Ciammaglichella), sinusitis; Zanetti (st 24′ Baeten), Akhalaia, warming (st 24′ Di Marco). Available Vismara, Fiorenza, Pagani, Bolinghi, Wade, Lindqvist, Giorselli, Cacavu. Attached Kopeteli.

Atalanta (3-4-1-2): Dagcar del Longo, Heco, Rigonesse; Olivieri, Zuccon (st 1, Sidibe), Giovane (st 45 + 5, Ceresoli), Bernarsconi; Chiwesa (1st Street, Panada); Fisic (20 Cisse Street), Omar. Available Sassi, Renault and Berto. Attached He shines.

Primavera, Turin, Atalanta: direct


45 + 7 It ends here! Toro is automatically saved by beating Atalanta 2-0!

45 + 6′ Goddess’ Corner: A ball placed in the center. Regonesi tries the address but can’t find the door

45 + 5 Redemption in Atlanta: Ceresoli replaces Giovanni

45 + 4′ save the bomb defense, which frustrates the opponent’s perimeter by taking out the ball

45 + 3 reboots of Ciammaglichella presents Baeten. Great waste for those who do not find the mirror!

45 + 2′ Atalanta striker. Front facing panda. Bomb defense shuts down to invade space and time

45 6 minutes of recovery

43′ Superb play by Garbett who wins the ball retains possession and offloads a partner

42′ Foul by Cisse vs. Reali, who won a penalty

41 ′ Replacement in Taurus: Ciammaglicchella steps in instead of Savini

40 ′ Savini warned not to take the ball

40′ A fight between Cisse and N’Guessan. Makes the mistake of grenade guns

39 ′ beats Angourie out of the flag, and turns away from Di Marco. The ball ends with Akhalaia who tries to reverse the goal but does not find the mirror

38 Akhya tries to make himself dangerous and finds the corner

37′ Thor runs forward with a throw-in. The ball comes to Garbett, who pulls the ball out

36′ Bull penalty won by Garbet

35 is blocked between two bytes and haiku. Fighting hint turns off immediately

34 Savini remains on the ground due to contractions. He gets up quickly and restarts the game

33′ single act by newly entered Baeten, who nonetheless kicks with little force, doesn’t bother Dajcar

32′ toggle in Taurus: Exits Zanetti and enters Baeten

31 Amonetto Real To make a mistake on Sisi

31 ′ at first the Bergamo players pulled back to re-appear with Uma. Milan block the shot attempt and resume his team

30′ A wonderful save from Milan, which prevents the re-opening of the match. Another corner of the goddess

29 ′ Oliveri shoots Acalaya and sends Cisse, who shoots at the goal without finding the mirror. goddess corner

28 Atalanta Danger! Cisse tries to get past Milan, who repels his attempt to break the ball and saves the score

27 ‘A great akhali hangover! He gets very close to the goal 3-0, having recovered the ball from in front of the area, but he kicks to the side of the goal!

26′ Big close by Realy for Omar who entered the area. Bomb Defender removes danger and restarts his team

25′ Savini stays on the floor due to some muscle issues. Sidibe also stops. The medical staff intervenes

24 Replacement in Taurus: Di Marco enters the place of warming

23 The Eagle of Atalanta. Panada beats very fast. The referee does it again

23 ‘He beats Akhalaia but misses his measurements and the ball goes high over the bar

22 ‘Punishment of a situation favorable to the bull

21′ forward grenade with Gineitis that puts the ball in the middle. Nobody gets there but the ball veered

20 ′ Redemption in Atlanta: Cisse takes the place of Fisic

19 ‘ Young warned To make a mistake on Garbett

18′ Punishment for the goddess. Sends Panada Omar who controls the ball with difficulty. Negussan is closed outside

17′ Toro striker with Akhalaia, who tries to conclude but is trapped!

16 ′ Sidibe is back on the field after changing his shirt

15th ‘ Panada booked for foul on Anguri

13′ The audience applauds the player who appears to have recovered. Let’s start again!

12 ‘A bandage for Sedeep who opened his eyebrows in return

11′ Sidibe is still on the ground after a disagreement with his partner Sidibe. The referee stops the match. The medical staff intervenes

10 ‘Atlanta is dangerous. Bernasconi is found forward and tried to cross in the middle. stay away from njisan

9’Safir was put in the middle by Angouri but Daggar blocked him without problems and soon started his team again

8 corner occupied by Toro. He still beats Angourie in the center of the box. Dellavalle tries the shot but the ball veers to the other side

6 ‘Omar stopped by Savini who threw a throw-in

5′ Atalanta runs the ball forward. Oliveri from the right puts a cross in the middle, but Reale moves away

4′ The ball is centered but Chiyosa is moving away. Young receives and leaves but there is a mistake by Zanetti against him

4′ Bull’s Punishment struck by Anguri. Del Longo moves away to a corner

3 ′ Regonesi warned For a clear opponent against Zanetti

2′ Taurus Forward! We pity Akhalaia serving Zanetti, forced to withdraw due to pressure on him

1 ′ It starts again! Atalanta tries to be aggressive right away

1 ′ Double replacement in Atalanta: Enter Sidibe and Panada instead of Zukun and Choiza

the other half

45+1′ The first half of Turin Atalanta ends here! Bombs close by 2-0!

45 + 1′ too risky for a bull. Fisic is close to scoring 1-2 for the Nerazzurri, but Milan tells him no

45 1 minute recovery

44 Delaval Cross! Toro is still an attacker, which gets very close to the three of a kind, but he hits the wood

43 Work objective: Zanetti serves Gineitis who, with his header, beats Dajcar and secures 2-0 for his team!


40′ Do it against Fisic. Atalanta penalty

39′ corner for the bull. Angouri beats straight towards Dajcar. Chills for Atalanta, the ball touches the outer net

37 ′ corner for Atalanta. The exchange is between Zuccon and Oliveri, but warming interferes and ends. The goddess tries again from the flag and heats up again to remove the ball

36 Another Chance Toro! N’Guessan single-handedly reaches the ball but fails to make the most of the opportunity created

35′ bull eagle. Garbett leaves and tries to get the ball out from under the barrier. It’s gated

34 Good warm-up play, who jumps on two opponents and is unable to catch the pole, was blown to him by Heiko.

33 ′ the match resumes with the ball in Dellavalle who returns from the back

32 Heiko hits Ahiko in the head. The referee stops the match and allows the medical staff to intervene

31 blocking Riyali against Omar. The verdict caught him

30′ corner for bull. Angory beats. The ball is placed on the far post and pulled vertically. Dajcar blocks it easily

29 – The Bull Tries Again! Once again Zanetti is close to doubling. Dagar tells him no!

28 Work objective: Everything develops from the left with Warming, who runs through, enters the area and beats Hecko, serving Zanetti, who has the winning tap!


26 Toro is still forward. Garbett tries to hit the ball inaccurately without worrying opponents

25′ He lost the ball and was kept by Young. The Taurus eagle hits her quickly by spinning the ball

24 Share Gineitis! Coordinates and hits the wood, with Daggar tending the ball

23 ′ Atalanta raises the center of gravity and crushes the bull in its half field. Savini recovers the ball and serves Akhalea, who loses the moment

22 de eye forward! The bull defense is moving away but the Bergamo players stay there

21 Toro is still forward. Zanetti hits the ball from his hand. Game stopped

20′ Reboot Toro! Inflammation of the gene drives and comes from the warming, serving the cells. Tried by the former Inter Milan who did not find the mirror. First chance to match!

19′ Thor runs forward. Grenade line. Warmth tries to receive the ball but Oliveri expects him

18 Akhya tries to throw himself forward but stops. Atalanta wins the match

15′ bull eagle. Angourie beats with a pattern. The ball comes from N’Guessan who must control it with his back to the door and fail

14′ Restart of Atalanta, but is stopped by Omar by Reali, who responds with Gineitis

14′ line for bull. The game resumes

13′ Do it against Anguri who is still on the floor. game stops

12′ Il Toro fails to start over with Savini, who moves the ball outward

11′ Atalanta’s Punishment. Oliviri bit, but Akhloa is moving away. It’s not getting there Young

10′ Eurich is also present at Filadelfia Stadium for the match between Bombshell and the Goddess. Sitting next to Gasperini

9 corner of the bull. The ball was placed on the near post by Angourie and was touched by Dellavale outside

8 Bull eagle. The ball is hit in the middle. You try vertical bombs but the ball doesn’t enter the mirror

7 ′ Chiwesa warned For committing a foul on Zanetti

6, a good starting point from Angori for Gineitis, but was caught in sneak

4′ Attempt a cell that jumps forward and looks for the door. He did nothing to him

3′ in Filadelfia, plus Gasperini, Moretti, Vagnati and former Granata technician Cottafava were also in attendance.

2 ‘The Torino’s Punishment: beats the cells but hits the barrier

1 ′Let’s go! The first possession of Atalanta, under the pressure of Torino

first half

Primavera, Turin – Atalanta: Pre-match

Almost everything is ready for the salvation of the Torino Primavera match, which returns home two years later. Grenades are ready to do their best for this special occasion, which you’ll see once again treading on Philadelphia grass. Atalanta, who is currently third in the rankings with 58 points, is waiting for them, with Cagliari behind them. The Brambillas achieved eight consecutive results in the tournament, but came back from defeat to Fiorentina in the Italian Cup final. A bitter morsel to be digested for a club with a particularly important staff. On the other hand, grenades passed in a particularly short period of time, from fighting for the playoffs to playing the perils. So they will try to extricate themselves and to do so, they will rely on the Akhalaia house bomber.

Primavera, Turin-Atlanta: where to watch it on TV and live

Torino-Atalanta Primavera will be broadcast live SportitaliaChannel 61 of Digital Earth, and streamed on the portal.

Primavera, Turin Atalanta: squads

Turin (4-3-3): Milan. Dellavalle, N’Guessan, Reali, Angori; Garbet, Savini, Gynecomastia. Zanetti, A cells, warming. Available Vismara, Fiorenza, Pagani, Di Marco, Baeten, Ciammaglichella, Polenghi, Wade, Lindkvist, Giorcelli, Caccavo. Attached Kopeteli.

Atalanta (3-4-1-2): Dagcar del Longo, Heco, Rigonesse; Oliveri, Zucco, Giovanni, Bernarsconi; Chiwesa. Physio, Omar. Available Sassi, Ceresoli, Renault, Sidibe, Cisse, Panada, Berto. Attached He shines.

Primavera, Turin – Atalanta 2-0: Match report
Torino – Atalanta live

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