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from Enrica Rodolo and an online editorial

Buckingham Palace announces that the Queen, in agreement with her doctors, has “reluctantly” agreed to give up her participation in the event marking the beginning of the Parliamentary session: in her 70 years of rule, she has only been absent twice.

A step back in the air for weeks, a step Queen Elizabeth, forced into tomorrow Abandoning the official opening of Parliament, an appointment that was not missed until last year a few weeks after the farewell to beloved Filippo.. Without the long and white dress, in civilian clothes, with a hat, the Queen in 2021 wanted to be there anyway. Now the choice is dictated by the mobility problems the governor has been facing for months now. Often he leans on the wand, even if at the last meeting a few weeks ago with the Swiss president and the lady, who was welcomed at Windsor Castle, he showed the world that he could do it even without him.

But tomorrow you will lose the queen. There won’t be because mobility issues continue, Parliament’s opening ceremony is long and tiring. And of course, the long weekend of June 2-5 is looming with the official Platinum Jubilee celebrations. A milestone the UK has been preparing for for two years and Her Majesty is expected to be hers. So Prince Charles will have to – at the Queen’s request – read the Queen’s address tomorrow in Westminster.

Indeed, this is the plan of its prime minister’s programme, in this case Boris Johnson. And besides Carlo, there will be not Camilla (as in the years of Philip next to the Queen), but Prince William. in a sense, so For the first time at the official opening of Parliament in Westminster, we will see two generations in direct line to succeed the Queen. one next to the other. The Queen will not be there, but the message is clear: The future is assured.

Fun Fact: Only Carlo will dress as an Admiral of the Fleet, in short, the uniform of the Commander in Chief (approximately). William, perhaps in order not to arouse doubts about the irreplaceable role with his father, Morning Suit.

the crown? You will travel as you did last yearThe drive is straight to the Houses of Parliament just a step away from Westminster Abbey. Then a procession in front of Charles and William along the formal halls of Parliament House, which now houses the rooms of London’s oldest palace: the Palace of Westminster. And he kept watching throughout the Queen’s Speech Party.

Obviously, in order for this unprecedented dynamism of the “representation” of the monarchy to materialize in this way, the sovereign had to dispose of the patents in letters.

In light of the many concessions of the 96-year-old king Last April, the topic of his participation in the opening of Parliament was on the table of the royal family and government in 10 Downing Street. So much so that among the scenarios, the hypothesis of attributing the reading of the Queen’s letter if not for Charles to the Deputy Prime Minister, Dominic Raab, appears to have also been raised.

As always, the Queen, even in an emergency, manages to find the most unexpected but also the most reassuring solution: Carlo in the company of his son William.

Since she became queen in 1952, Elizabeth II opened all but two of Parliament’s sessions: 1959 and 1963. In both cases, her absence was due to pregnancy (in 1959 she was waiting for Prince Andrew, Duke of York; in 1963 in place of Prince Edward).

And even a year ago, despite those who thought she would have waited 5 years like Queen Victoria after the death of her husband Alberto, she didn’t give up on the opening of Parliament.. With fewer lords and fewer deputies, a reduced royal procession into the Lords Chamber and no guests or diplomats. No golden horse-drawn carriage escorted by the home cavalry, but a solid Range Rover (in honor of the beloved Philip who wanted it at his funeral in Windsor). There is no long white dress or ermine, the so-called state robe (the dress of the institutional role played by the queen), but civilian dress with a hat. And the Imperial State Crown, a symbol of royal power, arrived by car, lying on a pillow, in the two houses of Parliament.

A year ago, the British Parliament had not been officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen since 2019. A lot of time has passed since Elizabeth II’s last time in the temple of British politics with all (or nearly) all those festivals, in short, those grand solemn ceremonies of the British monarchy. Roughly, because in December 2019 – like May 11, 2021 – they were “mini-holes”. But if in this case the reason was that last October the Queen officially opened Parliament, and in December 2019 Christmas approached, then the reason was the epidemic.

Now with London returning to normal life after the pandemic, Elizabeth’s health changes real plans. Until a few months ago, the Sovereign had always carried out her institutional obligations, despite her age. But, especially in the past year, concerns about his health have become more pressing. last october, Elisabetta was hospitalized after participating in up to 19 consecutive official engagementsSome forced her to stand for hours. Informed sources reported – as reconstructed by our correspondent from London, Luigi Ippolito – that Her Majesty does not suffer from certain diseases, but suffers from some back pain and suffers from movement problems that recently forced her to use a cane. “Hey, she continued to act like a seventy-year-old girl when she was long past ninety.”

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