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The French president explained that Ukraine’s accession to the European Union could take “years, maybe decades”: and he hoped for the birth of a new “community” that would allow “European countries that adhere to our base of values ​​to find a new one.” space for security and cooperation

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Paris – yes Revision of European treatiesthen the proposed european political community To quickly welcome countries – such as Ukraine – that are already part of the European family but cannot enter the Union immediately.

In his address to the Strasbourg Parliament, the French President Emmanuel Macron – As the leader of the country that guarantees the rotating presidency of the European Union until June – he solemnly defended European values ​​opposing the values ​​of authoritarian regimes, and condemned Russia’s ‘Untold Crimes’ In Ukraine (with emphasis, as also happened in the interview with courier, that “tomorrow we will have peace to build upon and we will have to do it with Ukraine and Russia around the table: and it will not be done with mutual exclusion or humiliation”) and put forward some important proposals for the future of European integration. have an idea European Union suggest it Francois Mitterrand When the Berlin Wall fell, it was re-launched in recent days by the Italian Democratic Party Secretary Enrico LettaMacron was martyred first European Councilan organization in which Russia also participated until the war in Ukraine, and then spoke of a “European political community that would allow European countries that adhere to our base of values ​​to findA new space for security and cooperation In the areas of politics, energy, transport, investment in infrastructure and the movement of people, especially our youth.”

question forUkraine To become a candidate country to join the European Union, it is likely that it will be accepted at the European summit at the end of June. But From there to become a full member of the union “it takes years, maybe decades”Macron said.

Here, then, the idea of ​​a larger body is put together with the “intimacy” of the European Union, into which, in addition to Ukraine, countries heading to Europe can enter as well as Moldova, Georgia and Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo).

“Entering into the European political community will not jeopardize future membership of the European Union, nor will it necessarily exclude those who have left the EU,” Macron added, referring to United kingdom. “We must unite Europe in the truth of its geography, with the will to preserve the unity of our continent.”

Then Macron in particular adopted one of the 49 proposals that emerged from the conference on the future of Europe (the Consultation of European Citizens launched by the Portuguese presidency a year ago), namely: Treaty review to allow for greater integrationAnd With the extension of the qualified majority vote in the European Council (Consensus is still required today for decisions on social, financial, and foreign policy issues.)

“We have to fix our core scripts, that’s clear”Macron said, agreeing with the position expressed in the same forum a few days ago by the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi

The French president hopes to come A Treaty Reform Agreement was signed in JuneIt is a proposal from the European Parliament and I agree with it.”

This agreement should have clear objectives: Circulating qualified majority voteto give Parliament the right of legislative initiative now attributed to the Commission, to set goals for “climate, full employment, growth and social justice”.

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