The two statements on Ukraine were distorted by several Italian newspapers

Between Saturday and Sunday, several Italian newspapers and news websites misrepresented two erroneous statements on Ukraine, one by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the other by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, causing some uproar (some of them did with some clarity and aggression).

Earlier they claimed that Zelensky said in a speech at the British study center Chatham House that his government would be willing to accept Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea: but Zelensky said nothing of the sort. They then added that Stoltenberg, in an interview, would have declared himself opposed to Zelensky’s openness, effectively blocking what appeared to be a very important breakthrough in the peace negotiations.

as noted blue bag In a detailed reconstruction, both statements – that of Zelensky and Stoltenberg – were distorted by the Italian press, which in this way “completely distorted the facts”.

In fact, sifting the interview given by the NATO Secretary General, Stoltenberg, with the German newspaper attentionAnd Ukrainian President Zelensky’s address to British think tank Chatham House notes the following:

1. Zelensky did not explicitly speak of Crimea and did not make any indirect reference to it

2. In fact, Stoltenberg said that NATO countries “will never recognize the annexation of Crimea,” answering the question of how NATO envisions the end of the war, but he did not issue any warning to Ukraine and already stressed that “the allies support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine while It concerns recognized borders. (…) The decision on how to design peace is up to the sovereign government and people of Ukraine. We cannot decide this.” [Va ricordato che l’annessione della Crimea non è riconosciuta dall’ampia maggioranza della comunità internazionale sin dal 2014 e che l’Ucraina rivendica l’intera penisola e la considera “territorio temporaneamente occupato”].

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