Versilia loses the head of the medical district, Banishi’s head leaves and goes to Sisanillo

Pictured on the left is Vincenzo Panicchi (first from right) with his staff; Pictured on the right with the colleague replacing him, Dr. Elisabetta Giovanniti

the interview. He will also work as a university professor: “For me, Pisa is Real Madrid, but 14 years here will remain in my heart”

VIAREGGIO. They staged a party in the suite, complete with a touching video of his greeting. “A video that got me moving: I’m leaving, but my 14 years at Versilia will always be in my heart.”

The hospital bid farewell to one of its big names, Vincenzo Panicchi: 64, chief of nephrology and chief of the medical district since 2008, was one of the helmsmen who kept the ship afloat during the Covid storm. Panichi goes to work at Cisanello, where he will be the director of nephrology. He will also work as a professor at the University of Pisa, always on his subject: Kidney Diseases.

Dr. Panicci, why choose Pisa?

“I am a Pisano doctor, from Porta a Mare. For me, this opportunity has the same meaning as choosing Real Madrid. I could not give up.”

What would your professional commitment be?

“I will be the director of the Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Unit in Chizanillo, on behalf of the hospital. I will also work as an Associate Professor of Nephrology at Baisan University. These are operational assignments: I have no intention of retiring yet, although I am very close to it. Not only that: with fellow viareggino Adamasco Kobesti We will reopen the specialty school for nephrologists in Pisa. In this way we will train new specialists, which are much needed in our healthcare.”

At Versilia, his departure was seen as a huge loss. In addition to being a department head, she has led the medical field: she plays an integral role in the hospital’s drive.

“I am grateful for the respect that patients and colleagues have always shown me. But I assure you, help won’t get any worse for either of them. The truth of my departure is in things: There is a generational change that has to happen sooner or later everywhere, and I am no exception. Whoever works in my place will most likely have the strength and energy to take on new challenges that the ‘old man’ may not be able to manage with the right situation.”

Who will replace him?

“Nephrologist” Elisabetta GiovannitiVery good and expert. He has worked in our team for years and will know very well what to do.”

What will your task be?

“He will lead the Department of Nephrology pending the general competition for the new primary stage. It is clear that there will also be a new head of the medical field who will be chosen by the ASL.”

The GP chair is also vacant in Versilia, after farewell to Dr Plinio Fabiani.

«General Manager ASL Maria Letizia Cassani Certainly, in the short term, he will launch a competition for the new chief of medicine.”

You arrived in Versilia in 2008, then General Manager Giancarlo Sassoli invited you. What does this experience bring with it?

“The pandemic was certainly the most moving moment, from all points of view. I have seen colleagues affected by Covid struggle between life and death in intensive care: for me, the most difficult test. At the same time, we were able to manage this dramatic moment with a great sense of team and balance. Versilia in my belief: Beyond the professional qualities and experience, which are obviously essential to a physician, to a patient seeking help, one must show one’s humanity. This is what can make the difference. I am convinced that Versilia will continue with this philosophy.”

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