Will humans go to Mars sooner than expected? SpaceX is more than certain

No more ‘if’, but ‘when’. there A human mission to Mars This is not at all in question, and we are even seriously considering accelerating this ambitious project that could revive the same feelings I experienced in 1969 with the moon landing. The flight prediction has been given with certainty by Gwen Shotwellthe number one and chief operating officer of SpaceX.

More and more details are known about the Red Planet, including the amazing solar eclipse observed recently, but it’s clear that setting foot on this surface would be something more important. Shotwell is convinced that a human can make a trip to Mars before the end of the 2020 decade, which means no later than 2029.

The head of SpaceX is certainly an optimist. According to him, in fact, the return of astronauts to the Moon will occur before this, and then there will be sufficient preparation to go to Mars. Shotwell gave a lengthy interview to CNBC in which it was found that the space agency headed by Elon Musk, Tesla’s number one, wants to turn many projects that are still only on paper into reality. It is no coincidence that a spaceship rocket To deal with the main unknowns of such a trip, the car was already renamed “Starship”. The latter has at his side a series of lunar missions in the program.

NASA idea

Suffice it to say that four years ago he was a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, decided to reserve this craft for travel around the Moon: the mission is approaching its schedule and is supposed to start in 2023. Returning to Mars, whose weather conditions are still unknown, NASA appears to be more cautious about timing. In fact, the US space agency is looking forward to 2040 As the year most likely to land a human crew on the Red Planet. Predicting this date depends on the characteristics of the spacecraft.

Review to be completed

Obviously, SpaceX talks about it in the best way, but Act (Federal Aviation Administration, the US body that regulates flights) is still conducting an in-depth environmental assessment. At the end of this investigation, it will be possible to learn more about Mars and the possible acceleration of travel. The FAA itself confirmed that it could end it all By the end of 2021, but then there were several slips and now it seems that the 31st of next May is the most credible date. It is worth remembering how “colonizing” this planet has been a constant idea of ​​engineers around the world for more than seventy years.

Back in 1952, Werner von Braun The balance was upset with the first unscientific fantasy of its kind, despite speculation at the time that Mars was very similar to Earth. The premise was to count on 10 spaceships, 7 cargo vehicles and three passengers, with a crew of 70 and 1965 As the most interesting year to achieve it all. Apparently nothing has been done, and over the decades, “distant” discoveries have made the human mission even more fascinating, like theories formulated about mysterious Martian frosts that must be examined with great interest.

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