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Giro d’Italia general classification 2022

13.07 Meanwhile, photos show Lorenzo Fortunato in the race doctor’s car, apparently also involved in one of the falls.

13.05 The group has now slowed down a lot. Leave the escape permanently!

13.04 The five counter-attackers are Stefano Oldani (Alpecin), Remy Rochas (Cofidis), Diego Camargo (EF), Erik Fetter (EOLO-Kometa) and Alexander Cataford (Israel – Premier Tech). A little further away from Lilian Calmejane from AG2R.

13.02 Van der Poel and Jermay returned to the group, while a small group set out to pursue the eight leaders.

13.01 Here are the names of the eight forwards, who took about twenty seconds off the sidelines: Leonard Kamna (Bora), Gijs Limeries (Jumbo-Visma), Morey Vincivenant (Quick Step), Rin Tarami (Intermarchy), Valerio Conte (Astana)) and David Villa (Cofidis), Sylvain Monique (Loto Soudal), Juan Pedro Lopez (Trek).

12.58 Matthew van der Poel attack too! Maglia Rosa puts on a show from the first moment! Benyam Jermay is chasing him! Nice start to this stage!

12.57 Among the strikers are Leonard Kamna, Gage Limerese, Maury Vincivenant and Ren Tarami.

12.56 at 160 km from the finish, a new eight-rider escape attempt begins. They had already moved a few meters ahead.

12.55 Another fall! This time because of a bike that was among the riders. On the account of Luca Covelli of Bardiani and Roger Kluge of Lotto Soudal.

12.54 Mark Cavendish is in great difficulty right away, while news arrives of Lopez’s possible physical problem.

12.52 Attack by Rin Tarami and Mori Vancevenant. Matthew Holmes is still with them.

12.51 Now eight are trying and the group has yet to answer. It can be a good escape.

12.50 Attacks resume at the head of the group, at the moment they are all nipped in the bud.

12.49 The road has already begun to climb. Caleb Ewan is in the major due to a mechanical issue while David de la Cruz is back after the accident in which he was also involved.

12.47 lies below the set in the tiled streets of Noto. On the ground, Giovanni Allotti managed to dodge Simon Yates’ accident with his hair.

12.45 The first group of attackers resumed as they entered the wonderful surroundings of Noto.

12.43 Nico Denz also quickly entered the group, but the group did not give up for the time being.

12.42 Miguel Angel Lopez meanwhile stopped at the Major with his partner Harold Tejada. He appears to have a physical problem.

12.41: They are also joined by an escape specialist like Mather Holmes with blue Vincenzo Albanese, many trying to get out of the group.

12.39 Attempts to escape immediately begin with well-known names: Thomas de Gendt, Natnael Tesfatsion and Jonathan Caicedo, the last winner of these roads.

12.36 Let’s go! The start of the fourth stage of the Giro d’Italia!

12.33 Lots of people on Avola Street, the first Italian location for Giro 2022.

12.30 Here is the picture of the departure of the carriage extension towards km 0:

12.27 The bike is in motion! In front of everyone Mathieu van der Poel and we are heading towards kilometer 0 from this stage!

12.25 It would be interesting to see the fugue formation. On two of the last occasions on this climb, a man has won the attack from the first few kilometers.

12.22 Here we are, the riders are ready and in a few minutes the first steps will be taken in Italy for this Giro!

12.20 Here is the elevation measurement for the day’s stage. You can see the first stretch of the ascent up to 893 m from the height of the Bucheri junction and then the endless climb to Etna, even if there are never impossible slopes:

12.17 with 22.9 km, the Etna climb will be the second longest route for the entire Giro, behind only Monte Sereno on the challenging but close 7 stage with access to Potenza. Often the volcano hasn’t created huge gaps between the best, but there is room to attack and we can expect a great show.

12.15 Here are some photos from Rahil, where Vincenzo Nibali spoke with many of his supporters:

12.12 When the day arrives, it is likely that Maglia Rosa will also be at stake, who must be undressed by Mathieu Van der Poel. The white shirt on the shoulders of Matteo Sobrero is blue. German Rick Zabel wears the blue jersey while Eritrean Benyam Germay Cyclamen wears it.

12.09 Many men are expected to enter this first mountain stage. From “Owner” Vincenzo Nibali to Giro winner Simon Yates, passing by Richard Carapaz, Roman Bardet and many more.

12.06 After the three galactic days and the day of rest, the first kilometer of this gyro will be covered in the Italian territory of Avola. The road will begin to climb shortly after the start, for a distance of 172 km ending with a 22.9 km ascent to the finish line of the Sapienza Sanctuary, at an altitude of 1,892 meters above sea level.

12.03 First big date for the Ranking Knights. Today is Etna’s long climb day!

12.00 OA Sport friends Good morning and welcome to the live broadcast of the fourth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022!

Fourth stage show

OA Sport friends, good morning and welcome to the live broadcast of the fourth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022! After three days in Hungary, the race has finally arrived on Italian soil where the games will immediately become very challenging.

In fact, today’s road, after departing from Avola and a bit of a slight climb at first, will end with the first real hard climb of this edition, Today we go to Etna! To reach the height of 1892 meters from the Sapienza shelter, the contestants will cover a distance of 22.9 kilometers. Slopes are never forbidden but the maximum length makes today’s climb a true marathon.

Inevitably we will see the ranking guys in action, and an extraordinarily difficult first week has already been called into question. The most anticipated runner is probably Vincenzo Nibali, Like every time you run in Sicily. There are several riders out there who look better equipped than a shark, starting with already stage winner Simon Yates, but Messina is sure to leave no stone unturned, considering that Maglia Rosa could also be on the line, which in all probability will be Left by Matthew van der Poel.

It is impossible not to mention Richard Carapaz, as well as Roman Bardet and Bello Bilbao, who would also have a decent quick start on their side, at the end of a climb that often saw climbers arrive together without great results. Gaps. Also watch out for the more refined climbers like Mikel Landa and Miguel Angel Lopez. The break will start at 12.25, we will start OA Sport live at 12.00. Impossible to miss!

Photo: La Presse

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