Appreciation of the past’s glory can’t be hidden

The Abarth 695 is itself a homage to a historic Fiat car but now the Turin brand is being relaunched. Look at the livery of this new car, doesn’t it remind you of something?

the past you will not forget, Especially in the world of racing: That’s what Abarth thinks, the historic preparer of the Fiat brand that introduced the latest craze with the 695 license plate. Especially to remember a historic car that Abarth acquired itself.


Older readers cannot fail to remember the car that, between 1976 and 1978, became the ultimate reality of the world of rallying at WRC, the world’s most important off-road competition. With three Makers Championships and 18 wins out of 50 official racesThe powerful sedan we’re talking about today was a competition nightmare at the time.

Obviously we’re talking about the legendary Fiat 131 Rallye, a sedan with an imposing appearance was able to maintain a weight of only 980 kg, which is incredible for such a car and touch 260 kilometers per hour. All this was possible thanks to Abarth who got the amazing car, which made it a real weapon of war for Fiat. But what does this car have to do with the 695 today?

Back to the past

It’s about him, and it’s about him because Abarth announced recently special edition And it was produced in a limited series in honor of 131! Unfortunately, even if we hope so, it won’t be proposing a new Abarth 131 but rest assured: the car to be put on the market, so popular in the market, won’t make you regret the sedan.

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The past follows the present (Top Gear)

there Ferries 695 Tributo 131 It’s a car that tells itself with data: a 180-horsepower Garrett turbine engine – yes, the one American tuners love so much – top speed in excess of 200 km/h, 0-100 worthy of a Subaru Impreza achieved in less than 7 seconds and a price to be reckoned with no less than 37,000 euros.

All this in honor of the legend of the past. According to Abarth, the car will in fact be available in two livers historically associated with a Fiat 131 WRC called “blue gathering” – Installation in a nutshell – E “gray register”. We want both, thank you. We would also like to see a new 131 in the near future.

We don’t know how many units will be built in the Abarth 695 special. We can only recommend it to collectors to speed up And don’t be stingy: one thing is for sure, it’s a unique and limited series – and we should add – also unrepeatable.

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