Dacia Duster has defeated all competition: she is the queen of all

Dacia Duster is truly at the top of her life, the queen of market sales, and it’s a beautiful display of strength.

Docia Duster Contest – Motori.News

there Dacia Suffers from golden moment at salesReally amazing results. group house Renaultcan make dusterand she is there queen subordinate Italian market from the cars. We discover all the details that lead us to confirm this, and we also see sayings Dacia CEOsafter this achieved result.

Dacia Duster is the queen of the market

data that United nationsthey tell us that dacia duster It is one of the best selling cars in Market distance First Quarter subordinate 2022. Her greatest success is entrusted to the release liquefied petroleum gaswhich occupies a market share equal to 40%which is growth 17% compared to First quarter of 2021. The most surprising thing is that if it seems that the car market has stopped for all homes, then for Dacia No, with a huge increase in sales fixed On the Italian territory.

success Dacia Thanks to its location in money value. Ha the cars trying Satisfaction in all Buyerstrying to keep price relatively Little. We must remember that in addition to dusterThe Dacia Sales also increased Sanderoso is electric spring car. This shows us how roman house Rebooting hard, after pandemic crisis.

in front of Dustar
Front photo of Dustar – Motori.news

Guido TucciAnd General Director from Dacia ItalyExplain the results achieved by the house. Tucci He shows himself satisfied with what the house has accomplished in this beginning 2022. The General Director convinced that the positioning Daciais among the best-selling homes, due to how it looks now Client. The Client Choose the brand Romanianaccording to TucciBecause they respond to requests clientAnd all of this can be seen in a number the cars Sold.

Dacia should continue like this

Stop Dacia Duster
Dacia Dastar stop picture – Motori.news

Dacia After the results achieved in this First Quarter It should continue like this. data must be taken, Analyze it And Study To improve sales, if the dacia duster is the best, now we need to grow more, especially with autumnbite Electricity market. Competing homes will also have to take a cue, as sales by the small Romanian brand are very consistent and can really make a difference, which will be hard to fill during the year.

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