Did Luca Salatino choose Lilly? This gesture says it all…

According to the developments of men and women, had Luca Salatino really made his choice that would have fallen on Lily? Here’s the whole truth.

Luca Salatino’s choice moment for men and women Getting closer and closer. And while many have speculated that the tronista might also eventually decide not to pick anyone, it’s clear that the previews would have revealed very hot and curious details. what is he talking about? As the title reads, the boy and Roberta Giusti’s ex-fiancé may have reached the fateful, long-awaited moment. This check.

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The developments – as always revealed by the Menedonneclassicoeover Instagram page – have two outer pieces made respectively with Soraia and the other with Lilli. And one with the latter, many had seen us Clear signs that the choice has been made. what is he talking about? Let’s find out below.

Men and women, did Luca really make his choice?

The web has been divided since the beginning of Luca Salatino’s throne into men and women over who the tronista would have chosen. There are those who have always supported Soraia and those who have always supported Lilli. Then at last there are those who saw in the Aurora Colombo – now a former suitor – the possible choice of the boy. But as we know, she actually decided to leave Canale Cinque for a few episodes because she realized Luca wasn’t the right person for her.

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The truth is that the choice is very difficult and complicated because both of the remaining girls represent – albeit in different ways – what Salatino has always sought. But who is the right person for him? Or rather, who is the right person?

According to previews revealed, as mentioned earlier, from the Instagram page of Menedonneclassicoeover, Luca Salatino in recent recordings was going out with both. First with Soraya, then with Lily. With the latter, it was also possible to release a gentle kiss. This gesture made many speculate that this might happen is the choice. Would that really be the case?

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