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from Marco Galluso, sent to Washington

The Prime Minister will meet with US President Joe Biden and will also talk about the avant-garde military systems that the Italian government can have to raise the technological level of Ukraine’s defense.

Today, Mario Draghi is welcomed to the White House at his home First visit In the palace of American power, under the guise Somehow found an ally, after the geopolitical travels of the Conte governments. Until two years ago Rome was flirting with Beijing and MoscowToday – partner warbut above all the task to which the Prime Minister has entrusted himself since the day of his inauguration – Joe Biden He welcomes the leadership that has changed our diplomatic and international standing in the wake of commitment and loyalty to the transatlantic alliance with Washington that has little distinction.

the interview

But in 60 minutes Currently scheduled for face to face Between the two leaders, Draghi will not only play this role. The President of the United States receives a valuable allyThe political rapprochement that cannot be explained is tight, tight, and renewed. But also receives the economistwho had no minor role in preparing some notable aspects of the sanctions against Moscow, such as those imposed Putin’s central bank. A role that Draghi can still play, along with that of a European leader who has also become a distinguished interlocutor on the dynamics of union reform and its positions in foreign policy, without diminishing the speed of Italy’s energy diversification.

What can the prime minister ask Biden? Undoubtedly, the medium and long-term supply of liquid gas to Italy by American companies will be the subject of the interview. Biden doesn’t control them, but he can practice one on them moral pressure And our prime minister wouldn’t mind. another subject Request Which our government has been implementing for months, and which is intertwined with the availability of alternative energy sources to existing sources: a proposal
Ceiling price The European price of Russian gas is not a file in which the Americans can have a decisive weight, but a certain influence. As well as on this point aDiplomatic action by Washington more effective.


There will be a lot Things that even Biden Draghi could ask for: It is now decided that Italy will increase its military presence on the eastern side of NATO, and it will strengthen the presence of its men as well In Hungary and Bulgaria, where he can take the lead of exercises. M.Americans are asking all NATO allies for a bigger pushmore effective weapons of the Ukrainian resistance and at this point the head of the Italian government will present reassuring guaranteesWe will continue to do our part, albeit in appropriate proportions.
Also, Americans will be informed, for a few days in the Italian government was open Also file on the advanced technological military systems systems that our executive may acquire by some Italian companies in the sector for To raise the technological level of Kyiv’s long-term defense.


More than a request, the need to negotiate And promoting peace diplomacy would be the path Draghi would like to show his American ally. So far, Washington, along with London, has pushed more than anything else toward war of the Ukrainian resistance and Draghi is convinced that the state humiliated by the aggressor cannot be asked to negotiate. in the Pentagon They are convinced that the lower goal of Great aid to Ukraine Who is this It will weaken at least over the next ten years
attack ability traditional military from Russia. Our Prime Minister will stress the need to increase investment in a parallel diplomatic path, one that the European Union is trying to follow, even independently of Washington. a Repair Between the two leaders on these dynamics will be one of the most intense parts of the confrontation.

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