Eurovision, volunteers deplore: “They were harassed at the opening ceremony”

the story –

“I felt helpless, I wanted to escape, but I couldn’t…”. Paula, the name is fictional, is one of the volunteers who claim to have been harassed by some dancers during the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest. A VIP party in a private venue, the Citroniera of the Savoy Residence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which for some girls in orange shirts, the color of their uniform, turned out to be an “awkward” and “anything but fun” experience. Those who attended the evening spoke of “people who drank too much”. “There were some guys from the delegates who hugged us all the time – that’s the story that bounces in girls’ conversations -. One put his hand on my waist and tried to kiss me. I managed to free myself, but another approached me. And he was behaving the same way. Finally we managed to escape. “. “I am happy to be a Eurovision volunteer – added Paola – but I did not expect that what should have been a good experience for me would turn into harassment and harassment. The same things that unfortunately often happen in discos. I never expected this happened at a party like the one that It happened on Sunday.”

Chief Volunteer: “No harassment at the party” –

“There may have been some comments upstairs in the chats, but it’s all attributable to the enthusiasm of the party – added Iris -. It hurts that we want to cement such a beautiful and formative event for our youth.”

reactions –

Chiara from Non Una de Mino said: “In the face of reports published by many workers regarding harassment in their workplaces during the Eurovision event, in what capacity does the municipality declare that nothing bad has happened? It is related to workplace harassment and as such should Addressing it, focusing on the conditions of extreme exploitation and extortion that women are exposed to in the workplace and in some work contexts in particular. Solidarity and we are at their disposal for any kind of support they may need.” He concluded that “similar reports were also received from Rimini during the meeting of the Alps”.

“Unfortunately, these rings do not surprise us. There have also been many reports of alpine gathering these days. It is not a matter of student spirit and it is no longer acceptable to pass rings of this kind under this hat. They are real harassment. Also dangerous is the fact that there is a tendency Once again to belittle the words of women who complain about this kind of event.” He supports it

Carola Messina

Vice-President of the Turin City Women’s Association.

“I was not present at the Eurovision event, but I hope that all necessary investigations will be carried out to verify that no girl has been harassed – adds the Turin city council member of the Democratic Party

Ludovica Cioria

Asked about the topic -. It is celebrated only when everyone can enjoy it freely.”

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