Final Fantasy, the new provocative Teva figurine… a bestseller!

Since Final Fantasy VII debuted, everyone has lined up on Team Tifa or Team Aerith. No story holds up. And now for the die-hard gladiator fans, there’s a never-before-seen resin figurine.

who – which Encourage The sexual dream of many and many female players is both undeniable. After all, it seems that the character was created specifically for teases. So much so that, if you remember, he also ended up in the news during a meeting of Senate The protagonist appeared on the screen in a hentai video.

Final Fantasy, the new Teva figurine… a bestseller! – Photo (Photo: FavorGK)

And on this his provocative vein The boys (acc) from FavorGK on their site played this resin figurine with Tifa in a so-called Jack-O mode, and it’s now available for pre-sale.

Final Fantasy, Tifa to lose your head

The statue’s details are impressive and the Teva costume is recreated with surgical precision. Just like a clone Sword Buster by Cloud. Provided you can examine it closely without someone calling you a pervert. Because she is stuck in the ground behind the immortalized character in the seated position, her thighs are wide open. there skirt Comfortable. The rest you can imagine, or not even imagine Twitter Becoming a topic of trend largely was the disbelief in the existence of such a statue. A statue advertised by the site is also available in different versions with more or less extreme nudity.

Final Fantasy, the new Teva figurine... a bestseller!  - Pictures
Final Fantasy, the new Teva figurine… a bestseller! – Photo (Photo: FavorGK)

The only drawback, perhaps, in all this resinous goodness is price. The statue is actually available, on display, at $728.99 And it won’t be shipped for about a year. It is more than a limited edition of 298 pieces in 1/4 scale. On the same site, they indicated from the social network of the blue bird, that there are many small, modest figurines. And the debate about whether or not you have such a thing on the shelf has reopened.

However, one comment caught our attention. the user @13thprotector In fact, remember how Square Enix She herself made it clear that she is completely against this kind of sexualization of her characters. Which, also evidence of the fact that $700 is probably too much, states the comment directly below”It is not an official product“.

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