Fuel bonus 200 €, also valid for those who work in professional companies – Corriere.it

The €200 fuel bonus is also valid for professional companies. The amendment of the price-cutting decree was approved by the Finance and Industry Committees of the Senate and was strongly supported by the Brothers of Italy. The text specifies that all private sector employers, not just private companies, can allocate an incentive to their employees by a generous act, in the form of petrol vouchers or similar securities, up to a maximum of €200. So even professional studios will take advantage of this possibility. Then it will be confirmed for 2022 The €200 fuel bonus amount for employees does not contribute to income generation.

Rising prices

The measure was originally for private companies only and the estimated cost for 2022 was 9.9 million euros. For the calculation, about 660 thousand employees, who in 2020 received additional benefits, that is, goods sold and services provided by companies, were taken into account. With professional firms also expanding, beneficiaries are expected to grow and costs to increase.

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