His subjects risked losing him forever

Terror extends to Buckingham Palace. People risked losing him forever, and the nation is in shock. The whole truth that no one knew anything about was only beginning to emerge now.

Anxiety at Buckingham Palace

He himself was about to die. Terror spreads in the corridors Buckingham Palace. United kingdom risk losing him, The main representative of British crown.

Buckingham Palace in shock

there Queen Elizabeth He does not find peace. Recently turned 96 years old The longest-lived king in history However, this time it seems that worries and anxieties dominate her.

Queen Elizabeth represented Buckingham Palace
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It will start in a few weeks Platinum JubileeAn event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Regency Queen Elizabeth who has held the throne of England since 1952. Elizabeth became Queen of England a year after the death of her beloved father, King George VI.

So Queen Elizabeth has been a landmark of the English nation for more than half a century But this time, as various international media confirm, the queen Who has always been sunny and positive, has shown herself lately Tired and sad.

To make matters worse is one Bad News This is scared Buckingham Palace and its themes: Queen Elizabeth almost lost him, the main representative of the English crown. The magazine reported indiscretion in touch.

The English nation risked losing him

Buckingham Palace It was and still is a scene for Secrets and skeletons in the closet Little by little, it comes out into the open. Do you know what came out? The English nation risked losing him forever. We are talking about the prince William.

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Well, yes, her husband’s life Kate Middleton I was in grave danger. Editor in Chief Vanity Fair And an expert in true gossip, Tina BrownHe published a book called Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – Truth and Turmoilwho says Secrets and private facts about the English royal family.

Only she, in her manuscript, reveals a my knowledge that have not been updated before: Prince William was about to die in military exercises. This episode happened a few years ago when the eldest son of Charles and Lady Diana was still attending Sandhurst Military School.

Through phone tapping Made by a private investigator Glenn Mulcair which also ended in trial, William He revealed to the Duchess of Cambridge that he is shot:

“I ended up in an ambush by another regiment and it was embarrassing because they almost shot me….”

So Buckingham Palace risked losing one of the most important representatives of the English crown, the future heir to the throne of England. This is not the first time that a prince has been there William He scares the English nation and his wife Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently admitted that one of her husband’s greatest interests is motorbike riding And she’s afraid of it William He may, sooner or later, be a victim of serious accident Because he can’t control himself on his motorbike, he’s cruising around the English countryside at great speed.

William and Kate
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