Lazy Bowel: Causes and Treatments

Lazy gut? We see below all the possible causes of this disease and above all possible treatments and remedies so that we can face it.

If your gut is lazy, then you are definitely in good company. Like you, they have the same problem Four million Italians. Indeed, for the Italians, given what emerged from a recent survey conducted by experts Siucp, the company that brings together colorectal specialists.

The prevalence among women is clear, three per man. We noticed this from clinic visits Constipation is an increasingly “pink” disease,” explains Angelo Stoto, President of Siucp, the company that brings together Italian colorectal specialists.

“They definitely have something to do with this fluctuations in female hormones This explains why women suffer from this, especially in the week before menstruation, menopause, and during pregnancy.

Causes and treatment of lazy bowel

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But it’s also the fault of rushing. In fact, women, including children, home and work, regard those 10 minutes in the bathroom as a moment away from commitments. Needless to say, in the case of a slightly fluctuating gut, the transition to true constipation becomes rapid.

pay more attention Even for your child, if you have children, Because there is a file increased incidence between them, Even if there is no specific data yet. In their case, the disease is origin myself. There are situations like school, little brother arriving, moving house, which sometimes seem unsolvable to them.

there Constipation Thus it becomes a way of keeping everything to himself and not letting it go. Finally, constipation is a feature of the elderly. someone pharmacological treatmentsCertain diseases, such as Parkinson’s, can actually alter intestinal balance.

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