Lithuania: ‘Putin must be ousted’

Russian President Vladimir Putin His government must be overthrown because this is the only way to protect the West and its allies from future threats from Russia. Other than Dialogue or Diplomacy: The Recipe of Lithuania’s Foreign Minister, Gabrielius LandsbergisFor peace in Europe coincides with the complete overthrow of the current Russian leadership.

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In the course of a conversation with the American media, and then addressed by the German publishing group sLandsbergis got straight to the point without using much rhetoric. For the head of Vilnius diplomacy, as long as the current government in Russia In power, neighboring countries – and not just Ukraine – are at risk. According to Alansbergis himself, this applies to all Moscow executives, not just Putin. Then the Lithuanian Foreign Minister pointed out that Russia now “aggressive countryEven for those who doubted it after Moscow’s war against Georgia in 2008 and Russia’s intervention in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

For Landsbergis, “Many“Between politicians and military personnel in Moscow”They know that they are losing“against theUkraine. As if that wasn’t enough, Lithuania’s foreign minister praised the support Boy for your country stating:We are very pleased with the way our partners and allies responded to Russia’s war in Ukraine“.

Indicate the reinforcements you sentAtlantic Alliance in the Baltic states. However, Landsbergis noted, “This is still a short term solution“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania finally announced, at the NATO summit to be held in Madrid in June, that the Baltic states will support an additional deployment of NATO units on their territory.

Putin’s dismissal

While some European leaders continue the dialogue with Putin (see Macron), the Lithuanian minister has openly indicated the possibility of the dismissal of the head of the Kremlin and his top officials. Also because – announced toNews agency Landsbergis – Putin’s apparent failure in Ukraine could be more serious. “In our view, as long as the current regime is in power, the countries neighboring Russia will, in a way, be in danger. The point is not just Putin, it’s all of them Operating System Because someone can take his place and change his inner circle‘, he announced.

When it comes to responding to Russia’s retaliatory aspirations, the leadership United State It is necessary to implement the defense strategy in our regionThe Lithuanian minister, who basically repeated at Putin’s expense what Joe Biden said a few weeks ago in Poland.

Anyway, the Lithuania It is one of the three Baltic states that, among NATO allies, is particularly concerned about possible Russian plans to forcibly return it to the Moscow government. Lithuanian officials, including Landsbergis, have been particularly vocal about their concerns, but the above calls for regime change in Russia go beyond the positions of most NATO members.

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