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The coach jokes, recalling the final match that he could not play when he was coaching Tottenham: “I hope not to be sent off this time.”

Mourinho He gave an interview to the English website football. The coach recalled his experience at Spurs and had kind words to Tammy Abraham. Here are his sayings:

“I am in a moment of maturity in my career and in my life, where I don’t have any negative feelings, I just have to try to accept things as they are, and deal with them in a nice way. Whenever I talk to English journalists, the joke always comes that I made it to the final and then I was fired, because This is something that does not happen to many coaches. This time I can’t say I’m lucky because it just happened to me. I hope I won’t be fired this time (laughs, editor). I have no regrets, I have no bad feelingsThere are a lot of beautiful people at Tottenham and I wish them well, as well as President Levy. But in my career and my story, what happened was strange. But in the end, this opened the doors for me to get to Rome and I am very happy to be here.”

About Ibrahim.“It is not easy for a young player to leave his country, his city and the Premier League. He did it because he trusted me. If he wants to go back to England, I don’t think he wants to now, but if he wants to go back to England, he just has to ring his fingers.. I am very happy for him and he is doing well for his country. He came to Rome and I don’t say he proved everyone wrong, because everyone knew he was a good player. Also, I think English players like Smalling and Tomori have understood that there is life even outside the Premier League and that in Italy they cannot improve as players.”

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