Rice diet for quick weight loss

The rice diet allows you to lose weight quickly: there is, in fact, an ideal way to lose weight in a short time.

can be rice A good ally for one’s health and metabolism: The substances it contains can help the body a lose the pounds you need. There is one for this specific diet – specifically called rice diet – which is based on a Lose weight quickly and satisfactorily.

What exactly does this diet consist of? there Some rules to followE: The following are indicators that can lead to a rapid weight loss.

How it works

A rice-based diet allows you to do this Lose 20 kg in 30 daysThe rice diet actually consists of eating Brown rice, black rice, basmati, red or wild rice. In fact, these foods help the body lose weight quickly thanks to a High in fiber and advertising Eat a low amount of calories.

there rice diet It can be respected by following two versions: the first is strong type (During 9 days) The second is that smooth (which instead lasts for a good 30 days). The latter is divided into two phases:

  • there detox stage for 15 days and speaking Action to detoxify the body. they assume 800 calories max per day with rice, low-fat cheese, vegetables and fruits;
  • there maintenance phase Also includes nutrition different foods Such as legumes, fish, white meat and various types of grains. So you can take in the maximum calories equal to 1200 calories per day.

Advantages and disadvantages

When it is consumed brown ricepresumably a Lots of fiber and little sodium (allowing weight loss). This food also contains a file Diuretic powerallowing you to Eliminate excess fluid and toxins quickly. In this way the body goes to shrinkCellulite is reduced, the skin appears more visible bright and disappears Feeling heavy and tired.

Although, some may also happen contraindications: is actually a diet It is very strict and it is important to follow it under the supervision of a nutrition specialist or the attending physician. Rapid weight loss can also lead to a Quick weight recoveryAfter the diet is interrupted: You can also follow one decrease in muscle massa lowering blood pressure that it Vitamin deficiency.

In short, if you intend to lose pounds in a healthy and risk-free way, it is important to:

  • Ask for advice For a nutritionist.
  • construction daily menu Various foods
  • drinking two liters of water Per day;
  • to avoid fried food Cooking with saturated fats.
  • decrease use of salt or replace it with aromatic herbs;
  • Eliminate or reduce as much as possible Sweets and sugar;
  • Doing a sporting activity To burn excess fat.

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