Richard Benson, historical rock singer and TV personality from Rome, has died at the age of 67

Richard Benson, the Romanian rock singer and guitarist, best known for his television appearances that began in the 1970s and continued until recently, has died at the age of 67. He announced this on his official Facebook page, which wrote: “He fought death again like a lion and unfortunately he did not make it. Died. However, he told us the last time: “If I die, I die happy.”

Benson has been an eccentric figure capable of building a somewhat obscure and controversial fame, ever since he began playing in Roman rock and progressive rock circles in the 1970s. There has always been a certain amount of uncertainty about his origins, as his alleged British ancestry has not been entirely clear, although in recent years many close to him have confirmed that he was born in England and that his name was Richard Philip Henry John Benson. He initially started his career as a radio host, advising on new recordings on Renzo Arbor’s broadcast you guysthen performed various music programs on Romanian broadcasters, also following Arbor on television as he interpreted the character of Metalhead.

In the following decades, he continued to produce music programs on radio and television, marked by outbursts and frequent vulgarity, and also continued his career as a singer, performing for years at concerts in which he played a kind of rock-caricature: he is especially famous for his suffering from frequent throwing For things and insults, in a dynamic encouraged. In the past twenty years, he has added to the fame of Internet television, as he has been the protagonist of a certain cult Gillard.

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