‘Snow Eagle’, found a lake the size of a city in Antarctica

According to research from the University of Texas at Austin, the entire past history record of the ice sheet may be in its sediments.

Three years of investigation –

The lake hides under more than 3 kilometers of ice, in a deep valley in the area of ​​​​Princess Elizabeth Land, a few hundred kilometers from the coast. To locate it, thanks to the polar research plane’s radar, took three years of investigation.

Researchers hypotheses –

Because the lake is so close to the coast, researchers think it may contain information about the role that the Antarctic Current, a ring of cold water that surrounds the continent, plays in the formation of the ice sheet.

“This lake likely recorded the entire history of the East Antarctic ice sheets, from their inception over 34 million years ago, as well as their growth and evolution through the ensuing glacial cycles since then,” he said. Don Blankenship, one of the study’s authors. “Our observations also indicate that the ice sheet changed dramatically about 10,000 years ago, even if we had no idea why,” he added.

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