Sweating and hot flashes? It could be a symptom of this disease

We’re talking about two particularly common symptoms, here’s what pathology is associated with sweating and hot flashes.

when talking about Sweating and hot flashes, we refer to two particularly common symptoms associated with many diseases. In fact, it is difficult to focus on the cause, precisely because of these two diseases and inconveniences They can have different origins, more or less dangerous. However, narrowing the field, we can talk about a certain nature, mostly psychological. We are talking about panic attacks.

Sweating and hot flashes (Pexels)

In fact, physical discomfort is not always exclusively dependent on a health issue, sometimes it is the mind that feels the worst and its way of expressing that particular discomfort. Body discomfort in the body. Some respond through the stomach with loss of appetite or nausea. Others are physical through tachycardia and shortness of breath; Still others sweat excessively and feel inexplicably hot. Let’s explore the topic together.

Sweating and hot flashes? Could be a panic attack

First of all, this must be done Distinguishing between a panic attack and just agitation: In the first case, we experience an inexplicable feeling of fear and dread without real reason, and in the second we are talking about a simple response to an external input. That’s why, if your hands start to sweat and your heart beats faster before an interview or a job interview, we’re not having a panic attack.

On the contrary, the difficulty of the latter lies precisely inIt is impossible to understand its origin. You can walk quietly down the street and experience hot flashes, rapid heartbeat, and sweating – without any real motivation. In fact, these are unconscious processes that arise after trauma. frequently, control our brain Events that you consider extremely frightening. accordingly, Erased memory often comes in the form of panic attacks and emotional instability.

Sweat and hot flashes: a panic attack (Pazienti.it)
Sweat and hot flashes: a panic attack (Pazienti.it)

In general, the one who truly suffers from these attacks turns into one psychologistHe is the only physician who can cure the diseases of our minds. At this point, depending on the severity of the shock, the therapist may decide to prescribe medications Antidepressants or natural sedatives. However, sometimes, treatment alone is enough to reconnect the memory and thus help the patient overcome it.

In any case, if you often feel a sense of fear and horror, with tachycardia, sweating and hot flashes – it is recommended Consult a doctor Who can prescribe the appropriate analyses. On the other hand, if you are aware of your emotional distress, it is always recommended that you decide to turn to a therapist.

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