The famous Alvin Island of 2022 reveals why there are no blind people then comment

Blind people are also absent from the Isola dei Famosi 2022 episode on May 9. Alvin reveals details about his health

Blind people these days missed the Isola dei Famosi 2022 daytime and didn’t even return for the 15th episode that aired on May 9. Both from outcasts and from viewers, concern grew that the X Factor rapper might be ill or even prematurely ditched the reality show. At first the envoy addressed himself to Honduras, Alvin, and immediately took the floor to explain in detail why and how the blind were absent. The outcast is not in Playa Palaba and in the daytime not because he has ankle problems.

As you’ll remember, in the final episode of Island of the Famous 2022, he had a problem with his ankle due to his injury during the captain’s test. Sigh, no muscle problems like giving up on reality show. There is no blind because he suffers from dermatitis, or from a skin problem such as erythema that does not allow him to expose himself to the sun and salt. He will stay a few days at the hotel for observation, waiting to rejoin the race.

Studio commentary and presenter Ilary Blasi, who has always been concerned about the health of outcasts, was not immediately absent. You also don’t have to worry because you can make up for lost time since Famous Island 2022 ended on June 27.

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