The war in Ukraine live – Draghi to Biden: “Europeans ask for peace, use all channels.” USA: “Open but without a signal from Moscow”

Zelensky: “The blockade of our exports will lead to food shortages in North Africa”

“If we can’t export wheat, barley, sunflower and sunflower oil, that means to the peoples of North Africa and Asia will miss the food And prices will go up.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky while addressing Maltese MPs. Soon there may be a new state of chaos one A new immigration crisis. And I think the effects of this crisis can be felt even in Malta.”

Biden spokesman: ‘No diplomatic gesture from Russia’

“We are still open to a diplomatic solution in Ukraine, but… Don’t see any signs by Russia that wants to commit itself in this way.” The White House spokesperson said, Jin Psakiin response to a question about the peace efforts that Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi relaunched in his talks today in Washington with US President Joe Biden.

Zelensky: “More weapons are needed to liberate Mariupol”

To liberate the city of Mariupol from the Russian siege they were going to serve More weapons. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his letter to Maltese deputies. Ukraine did not receive Amount of weapons needed In order to break the siege of Mariupol and liberate the city. He added that the army of the Azov Battalion “is still continuing their resistance in the Azovstal factory. We are using all possible diplomatic tools to save them, but Russia does not accept any of the proposed options. We have asked our partners to provide weapons to cancel the Mariupol embargo and save civilians and military personnel.”

The delegations of Italy and the United States in the Draghi Biden meeting

There is also the Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen In the delegation accompanying US President Joe Biden to the White House meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. present too John Viner (Assistant to the President and First Deputy National Security Adviser), Wendy Sherman (Deputy Secretary of State), Thomas Smitham (Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy in Rome), Karen Donfried (Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs), Amanda Slot (Director of the Europe Division of the National Security Council), H Joanna Pritchett (Director of European Union Affairs in the Security Council).
On the other hand, Draghi is accompanied by the Italian ambassador in Washington, Mariangela Zappiaby the Prime Minister Antonio Funicilloby a diplomatic advisor Luigi Mattioloby the military advisor Luigi de Liveranoby the economic advisor Francesco Giavazziby a spokesperson Paula Answini and information advisor Ferdinando Giuliano.

Lita: “Okay, Draghi…a priority to stop the massacres”

Draghi’s message to Biden is clear and strong, and a priority for Italy and Europe Stop the massacres and have peace. He represents us.” The Democratic Party Secretary writes on Twitter: Enrico Letta.

Biden to Draghi: ‘You’ve been a good friend and a great ally’

“You have been a good friend and a great ally.” This was stated by US President Joe Biden when welcoming Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Biden to Draghi: ‘A strong EU is also in our interest’

“I think a strong European Union is too US interestThis is how the President of the United States, Joe Biden, met Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the Oval Office of the White House.

Draghi to Biden: ‘Use every channel for peace and negotiations’

“We have to use Every channel is for peaceFor a ceasefire and the start of credible negotiations.” This was stated by Prime Minister Mario Draghi in an interview with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

Biden to Draghi: “Italian cooperation is essential”

“Italy’s cooperation is essential,” Joe Biden said in a meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the Oval Office of the White House.

Draghi: “Europeans demand solutions for peace”

“In Italy and Europe, people want The end of these massacresFrom this violence, from this massacre. People think what we can do to bring peacePrime Minister Mario Draghi said this during an interview with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

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