This thirst-quenching fruit will increase good cholesterol and beneficial energies to fill you up quickly and for a longer period

We have said over and over that health, too, is off the table. We are not talking about the usual cliché, but about a fact that would also have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. In fact, nutritional care is not only necessary to avoid weight gain. But they are essential to the well-being of our bodies and minds. A healthy and wholesome approach to food will be the first step to proper prevention and staying healthy for longer. Problems such as high cholesterol or obesity can be avoided thanks to some foods with truly exceptional properties. For example, a handful of this food can bring many benefits to the body.

Sweet fruit that quenches thirst

In the list of foods that can help our bodies, we also find many products that we never thought could bring so many benefits. This is the case of this unexpected food that both adults and children love very much, and which should help lower blood pressure. But we must also mention this tropical fruit with a fresh, thirst-quenching flavor that we often consume in summer. Let’s talk about the coconut, the fruit of the coconut palm, a plant of Indonesian origin. The pulp has a very sweet flavor and can be enjoyed both fresh and dried. The coconut water contained in young coconuts is very refreshing.

This thirst-quenching fruit will increase good cholesterol and beneficial energies to fill you up quickly and for a longer period

Coconut is available all year round and can be easily found in the supermarket. As stated in the pages of Humanitas, 100 grams of this food will bring in 364 calories. Compared to other fruits, coconut contains less water but higher calories. So it is best not to overdo it and eat only small portions.

Thus, the presence of fiber will not only help prevent some diseases related to the intestines, but it will also have the task of making us satiate faster. The saturated fats present in coconut provide a lot of energy to our body. In addition, lauric acid raises the good cholesterol (HDL). But be careful, as eating coconut can interfere with the action of some medications. Especially medicines that lower blood pressure and those for cholesterol. It is always recommended and necessary to contact your doctor.

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This often overlooked factor can lower blood pressure, strengthen bones, and improve mood just like medication.

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