Archeology between Ida and Ricardo

Today, Wednesday, May 11, a new episode of men and women.

very famous dating show made by Maria de Filippisurrounded as always by the two commentators Tina Cibulari And Gianni Spertisaid events that alternate between parterre components of on the throne and children classic throne.

Here are some of the small ones stay tuned From the mole found today in the studio while recording:

Tina is absent in the studio.

Classic throne:

Luca took both Lilly and Soria outdoors.

He joined Soraya in the dressing room immediately after the last episode and they did the outside. They both said they are ready to take back their relationship, which they had recently broken off.

However, with Lilli, things are getting better.

Veronica took Andrea only outdoors. Very nice exterior, shower her with compliments and she appreciates it. They kissed each other.

Matthew was upset and was nervous throughout the episode.

on the throne

At the Gloria Study Center with Fabio and Ricardo.

Ricciardo, right after the last episode, stops Gloria in the studio asking her to go out together, have an aperitif together and be able to talk to her. she did not agree. Once back in the studio, Ricciardo continues to say that he is interested in Gloria but she is not interested anymore and says he only wants to continue to know Fabio. Ida takes the word and says, very nervous, that Ricardo no longer greets her and she is frustrated, but Ricardo tells her that he does not welcome her because he does not want their relationship to be misunderstood and they quarrel.

We then move on to the classic throne and as the outside of Veronica and Andrea was on air, during the kiss they put the song “Fai Rumore – Diodato” as the soundtrack. Ricardo breaks down in tears and leaves the studio. Ida runs after him.

Once home, Ricciardo explained that he cried because it was the song he dedicated to Ida right after his proposal. Maria asks the two if they want to dance, and after different hesitations, Ida asks to dance and they dance tightly in the center of the studio, both moving on their own.

After the dance, Ida permanently closes with Marco, the boy she’s been dating until that point, saying she doesn’t feel any interest in him. While leaving the latter, he started arguing with Ricciardo.

After the quarrels, Ida said that during the dance she told Ricardo the phrase “It’s never too late” and he didn’t answer.

From that moment on, the whole studio, including Maria, asked Ricciardo about his intentions with Ida because nothing was understood. He doesn’t answer, he always remains a mystery. Until Ida repeatedly asked him, more and more nervously, to give her some answers because she admitted that she wanted to try again. He still doesn’t answer and she sends him to “that country” and leaves the studio. Ricardo joins her and they argue. Back in the studio, Ida says she made a crucial point. As long as Maria and Armando are interfering and trying to get Ricciardo to speak, I understand it is a matter of pride not to respond. Until he asks Ida to go out to dinner in the evening, she accepts.

Last week, Maurizio arrived at Gemma’s court, they went out but returned to the studio, the lady admitted that she was not interested and closed an acquaintance.

Presentation moment: “The Art of Seduction.” Ricardo, elegantly dressed in a white jacket, shirt and pants, with a bouquet of red roses. She shows it and then invites Ida to stand on the stage and hand her the roses. End of the show but Ricardo asked to restart the music because he wasn’t finished. The music resumes. They dance in a sensual way, opening the shirt and making Ida touch her chest.

Mr. Alessandro won the show with a standing ovation from the entire studio.

Guests of the episode Nadia and Massimiliano, who talk about their coexistence and that their love continues at full speed.

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