Eurovision, a year after the French commentator was revealed: “Macron wrote to us to exclude Maneskens from the race”

there Edition 66 The Eurovision Song Contest officially started yesterday, May 10, live from Palasport Olimpico in Turin. The big concert, which this year was staged at home, was made possible by the victory of Manskin, who rose to the top of the competition after 31 years of defeats for Italy. But the historic feat of the Five Boys of Rome is also remembered for one of the tastiest controversies, able to fill pages and pages of newspapers both inside and outside Italian borders. to remember the famousdrug portalwhich included confrontation leader From the band Damiano David Hours ago, French Eurovision commentator Stéphane Berne was revealing unpublished details about the role of French President Emmanuel Macron himself in the case.

The Head of State’s message: “Keep them out of eligibility”

It all started with an excerpt from the live video of the event in which young Manskin singer Damiano David was seen bowing his head on the table in front of him. The scene in which the accusations of various social novels, especially the French, became evidence that the singer was doing it Cocaine use in live television. After the big uproar, David himself silenced the allegations by undergoing a negative drug test. While the scene was deemed “mysterious”, the French commentator said he had received dozens of messages with the request for the immediate disqualification of the Manskin singer.

“I remember it was a big mess right away. I got a lot of messages on my cell phone telling me the Maneskins should be dismissed, and inviting me to do something first,” BBC. However, among the many tips, one was distinguished, far from negligent: President Macron begged the presenter, who lives from Rotterdam, to prevent the French singer from the competition, Barbara Braffy, at that moment in second place, only after Manskin In fact, it has been overtaken by those who set a vivid example as sniffing cocaine.

The French Minister for European Affairs, who was in Rotterdam for the competition, also sent me messages saying: ‘What should we do? what should we do? Please do something,” Bern continues, “but what could I have done? I was not hosting. I was not the head of Eurovision! ». Returning to Macron, the famous face of French television revealed the president’s great passion for the musical competition: “Always watch Eurovision,” he revealed with a laugh. “It’s a very patriotic act.”

The Berne story ends with what was urged by the President of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Delphine Ernott, who is also of French descent: “At that moment, Delphine Ernott stepped in and said: ‘If we win, we want to be winners by merit, not because we were denied first place. We did not make any official protests over this, says Bern. Then the excitement in those moments ended in deadlock, “but what I will certainly not forget is that I was asked to stop Eurovision by order of President Macron.”

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