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Yulia and Katerina bring two letters and some photos to donate to the Pope: “The steel plant is running out of water, they should be taken to a third country”

VATICAN CITY – They had left Rome days ago, had returned home, their pleas fell on deaf ears as Russian forces began their ground assault on the steel mill where their men had been trapped for weeks. They ran last night back to the capital, hope sparked by the possibility of meeting the Pope during Wednesday’s public audience. And this morning there they are In the front row in St Peter’s Square: There is Yulia, the wife of Arseny Fedosyuk, and Katerina, the wife of Denis Prokopenko, the man who leads the Mariupol resistance against the Russian siege.

They have two letters and some pictures to donate to the Supreme Pontiff. A letter signed by Onovrig, head of that Ukrainian Orthodox Church that is still loyal to the Moscow PatriarchateWith Putin’s demand to abandon the Azov fighters. The other message from us. They managed to deliver it to him at the end of the session, when the father.ontefice talked to them for about five minutes. “He told us he was aware of the situation, that he would pray for them and that he would do everything in his power,” the women said in a meeting with reporters outside the Vatican press office.

This morning, Francis welcomed the faithful with a story Judith, the biblical heroine who “defended Petunia”in Judea, due to a dictator’s siege of an arrogant and weary enemy, “recalls the Pope.”This woman is braveHe had faith.” Ancient history that evokes the present.

“He is our last hope – They say -. We ask the Pope and Onfrig to become one A third party in this war And to help us initiate the procedure for its removal. We hope that safe corridors will be put in place so that they can be evacuated to a third country, where they can lead a normal life.”
He said that Turkey and Israel have advanced so far Pyotr Verzilov, Russian dissident founder of Pussy Riots that accompanies the women of Azov in this campaign. But we need the green light in Moscow to be able to move forward. “We asked the Pope to come to Ukraine and talk to Putin,” Yulia said.

The present is full of anxiety and suffering: “The last message my husband sent me was three words: I love you. I replied too, we’re trying to save you all. But we feel very sad, we do not know what will happen tomorrow or in three hours. We know that the Russians continue to attack relentlessly Anytime we don’t know what to think, what to do, we just wait for the world, our government, someone to help us and step in to save their lives.”

Yulia took charge: “My husband wrote this to me the day before Even the machines running out of water, He asked me to find an article about How do you live without water for as long as possible?. I’m afraid to lose him and I’m also angry with myself that I can’t do anything, it’s terrible, what’s going on: Azovstal looks like a reality show and no one helps us, that’s why we hope that the Pope is ours. The last hope.

The ladies of Katerina, Yulia and Verzilov are now heading to Germany,

May 11, 2022 (change May 11, 2022 | 1:00 PM)

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