I was so scared, fortunately my daughter Jennifer wasn’t with us that day

Regarding the clinic she is in in Rome, Eva Henger announced that her health conditions had improved, even if further surgery on her foot was necessary. The girl underwent an emergency operation on her arm due to the risk of septicemia, and recalling the moment of the accident, she said, “At first I felt guilty that I did not bring my daughter, but she was lucky.”

Eva Henger She underwent an emergency operation on her arm Blood poisoning. The showgirl was taken by air ambulance to a clinic in Rome, where she is currently being taken to hospital with Massimiliano Caroletti’s husband. A few weeks ago, the couple had a serious traffic accident in Hungary, in which two people died. Regarding the fifth afternoon, on the May 9 episode, she briefed Henger about her health conditions.

How is Eva Henger doing after arm surgery

Eva Henger, who lives from the Romanian clinic where she is located, said she was very afraid for her health, especially for her arm and hand:I took a big risk, my hands were completely black. And I was so scared”. After the accident, she had multiple fractures that would force her to rest for at least 3 months, preventing her from walking, and that would require at least another surgery. But after her surgery, she seemed much calmer about her physical condition.

Showgirl and Barbara Dorso relive the dramatic moment of the accident and the stages that preceded it. At that moment, her thought went only to her daughter, who, fortunately, was not with her parents: “At first I felt guilty for not wearing it, but he was lucky. It was my first feeling, always trust that.”

Eva Henger urgently acts on arm infection risk: ‘Masimiliano was as if he was dead’

What happened in the clinic in Hungary

Immediately after the accident, Eva Henger and her husband were taken to the hospital in two different clinics without one hearing each other. Here the showgirl had an operation on her arm, but instead of improving her condition, she only got worse, as she herself told the presenter of the afternoon 5: “They saw that there was inflammation where they put the gauze, but instead of cleaning everything they tightened it even more, which made the situation worse.”

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