Its color indicates whether you are healthy

Urine, its color indicates whether you are healthy: let’s pay attention to what urination may indicate.

as we know, pee It is the result of the excretion of the kidneys thanks to which, through urination, waste and excreta are eliminated from our body.

Watch out for the color of your urine (Photo: Pixabay).

For this, the The color of urine often tells us about our health It should not be underestimated, especially in some cases; We pay attention to what urination may indicate.

Urine, its color indicates whether you are healthy: indications

Looking at the color of urine can give us certain indications, which may prompt us to go to see a specialist or do in-depth analyzes to monitor our health.

It is clear that not all urine is the same and can differ in smell, transparency, color, as well as other properties; As I mentioned before The official website of Policlinico di Milanowhich is the urine that produces more Clear and transparent can be a symptom of good hydrationwhile other dark colors are associated with different, more or less serious diseases.

a Pale straw or transparent yellow Is the natural color and indicates good hydration, and when The color of the urine is darker (yellow-dark amber) we should drink more.

If the color dark beer, We may suffer from severe dehydration or liver disease; If the color persists, it is a good idea to contact a doctor immediately, and also if the color is so pink or red So there is the presence of blood.

In the latter case, Policlinico emphasizes that beets and blueberries, due to their color, can give this aspect to urine; If you eat it, the color will only be temporary, but it is It’s really nice to pay a lot of attention.

urine color
Explanations about the color of urine (photo:

If instead urine blue or greenunusual colours, could be due to certain medicines or food dyes; Here too, however, the situation must be monitored because it may also be a bacterial infection.

Therefore urine should be carefully examined, trying not to underestimate the situation in cases of dark and “strange” colors; It is essential to hydrate the body well, however.

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