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Sweden and Finland will apply for NATO membership, but time will pass between this step and formal accession – the two countries will be exposed to threats from Moscow. Johnson, who is now in Stockholm and Helsinki, will provide immediate security guarantees

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LONDON – Boris Johnson’s quick visit to Sweden and Finland: the British Prime Minister will be in Stockholm and Helsinki today, when he will discuss the Scandinavian countries Rapid accession to NATO. The question will be on the agenda of the talks.

Traditionally neutral – Sweden for centuries, Finland for decades – the two countries have had to review their international standing in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: both now consider they can only feel safe. under the umbrella of NATO. Their public opinions have also changed their position and are now overwhelmingly supportive of NATO membership.

In fact, the two countries have already been alliance partners for some time: but official membership will put them together Under the protection of Article 5 of the Atlantic Charter, which prove that an attack on a member state is an attack on the entire NATO.

Secretary-General Stoltenberg said that the inclusion of Sweden and Finland would happen as quickly as possible: but However, there is still a gray area of ​​weakness between the entry application and its formalizationWhich puts the two countries at risk of Russian retaliation. Moscow, which had already stated that there would be consequences for its membership in NATO, today reiterated that it should carefully monitor what is happening on the border, in terms of the formation of NATO forces.

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It is in this context that Johnson’s visit was placed: London can offer Swedes and Finns immediate security guaranteesespecially as Britain’s leader to Jeff, the Combined Expeditionary Force, The military alliance that unites the Nordic and Baltic states. An agile defense tool that has been precisely engineered to support NATO more quickly.

The British are also keen to strengthen their leadership role in the Ukraine crisis: London at the forefront of military aid to Kiev – much larger than any other European country – and fully shares the US goal of aiming for Russia’s defeat on the ground before it can enter negotiations with Putin.

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