Numbness, thick fingers, and swollen hands in the morning may be caused by a disorder that also increases weight gain.

Sometimes we wake up tired and rested in the morning. In addition to our lack of fitness, we also notice another error. In fact our hands are particularly swollen. The fingers appear thicker than usual, and when we clench our fists, our hands feel numb. When we then try to wear jewelry such as rings, we see that it is inappropriate. Why does this happen to us? Numbness, thick fingers, swollen hands in the morning can be caused by various diseases. Among those, there may be one in particular that would also be associated with being overweight.

water retention

Water retention may be what causes our hands to swell when we wake up in the morning. Because of water retention, fluid will not be eliminated from the tissues in the correct manner. The reasons for the appearance of this problem can be of different origins. It may be among the accused free, the use of medicines against high blood pressure or problems with the menstrual cycle. But let’s try to understand the relationship with hand problems.

Numbness, thick fingers, and swollen hands in the morning may be caused by a disorder that also increases weight gain.

As Humanitas claims, water retention can often lead to fluid buildup in certain areas of the body. So the consequences can be swelling, accompanied in some cases by pain. As well as joint stiffness. That’s why swollen hands in the morning may be a sign of a water retention problem. Humanitas also points to water retention as a possible link to rapid weight gain. Or with fluctuations and instability in kilograms of body weight.

In any case, any problem of water retention will be the strict and exclusive prerogative of a specialist. If this is the verdict, the doctor may recommend the best treatment. For example by suggesting a diet with minimal salt or other dietary variations or drinking more. In this regard, we want to suggest an herbal tea that, if drunk in moderation, can help counteract the problem.

Tea is useful to counteract water retention

Against water retention, green tea herbal tea with cherry stems, with its draining properties, can help. To prepare it, we need to boil a pot of water. Once it boils, we should leave a green tea bag and 20 grams of cherry stalks to steep. After 5 minutes we will filter the preparation and pour it into the cup. We can then wait for it to cool down and drink the herbal tea. Remember, however, that this recipe is only helpful advice, that will encourage you to drink more fluids. If it is confirmed that water retention is not a temporary problem, you should ask your doctor for a thorough analysis. This will definitely lead to the identification of the most appropriate treatment.

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This natural remedy will help reduce swelling, pain and back pain, but few know that it can increase the risk of bleeding.

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