Serbia coach Stojkovic at Tuttosport: “Milinkovic will go to Juventus. I’m not worried about Vlahovic”

Serbia coach, Dragan Stojkovic, let his voice be heard Tuttosport, speaking of two of his players such as Milinkovic and Velhovic: “If Sergei asks me for advice? I will tell him to go to Juventus. He is an institution and Dozan is already playing there. He would be an ideal player for Allegri, he lacks a midfielder like Milinkovic-Savic. He is fit and helps It aims and defines the Italian League.” Then about the Juventus striker: “Why should I worry? I trust him a lot, he plays very well. He can’t score every Sunday. He just has to stay calm and not think about the goal, and he definitely comes soon.”

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