Slimming herbal tea? They exist and work, and here are the best ones

Slimming herbal teas exist and are also very effective in combating water retention and erasing those pesky fatty deposits. The positive side of herbal tea is that there is no specific limit to its intake but it can be taken daily. In fact, every day it is recommended to drink up to 1.5 liters of water and we often fail.

Under the pretext of moisturizing ourselves with herbal tea, we will be able to reach the recommended level and focus our attention on health and well-being. This particular type of herbal tea can be purchased ready-made at the herbal store or at the supermarket. But nothing prevents us from making them with the products we have at home.

It is not difficult to prepare and does not take much time. Simply heat a pot of boiling water and add ingredients that stimulate our metabolism to flush out excess substances. By drinking we will therefore contribute to weight loss, improvement in general appearance, energy recovery and well-being.

Slimming herbal tea from the store or herbal store

Herbal tea for weight loss comes in tea packets and is sold by the leading manufacturers of this exciting drink. The formulation specifies the use of each drink that can have a calming, detoxifying, saturating or slimming effect. Choosing detoxifying and slimming types will ensure that the ingredients present work in synergy to stimulate the metabolism to overcome water retention.

If we know the plants that work on the digestive processes and increase the supply of micronutrients, we can go to the herbal store and buy the leaves. But we can simply say that we need herbal tea for slimming and it will be the herbalist who will prepare a mixture of specific herbs and plants to solve the problem.

DIY slimming herbal tea

As we said in the opening paragraph, preparing DIY slimming herbal tea is not at all difficult. The important thing is to know which plants are responsible for the target. Among these we can include the pairing of mint and lemon. The aromatic herb stimulates digestion, while the lemon favors the expulsion of excess fluid.

Lemon is also ideally associated with ginger. In this case, in addition to the slimming function, the detoxifying property of ginger will be combined. It is not only able to clean food passages but also strengthen the immune system, which is closely related to the well-being of the gut.

Hibiscus flowers, which have a sweet and enveloping taste, have the ability to stimulate diuresis and thus expel fatty compounds deposited in our bodies. Usually, the drink is eaten without adding other ingredients, but if you wish, you can improve the taste with a pinch of hot pepper.

Finally, green coffee slows down the accumulation of fats by stimulating the metabolism. A stimulated metabolism refers to the speed of digestion and food formation so that ingested substances are broken down and sent in the form of energy to the body. Those in excess are not stored but expelled, preferring the slimming process. The process lasts for a long time, which promises continuous and effective weight loss.

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