The new console to come after the Nintendo Switch is causing ‘concern’ –

During the question-and-answer session with shareholders, which was held after the publication of the financial results for the end of the year, Chairman of the Board of Directors nintendoShuntaro Furukawa, An New console slated to update Nintendo Switch It’s currently cause for concern” for the sake of the company.

Consideration comes in response to a question about management Moving to a new generation of consoles, and it’s the successor to the Nintendo Switch that Nintendo hasn’t mentioned yet.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The “concern” also stems from the need not to isolate large current users of the Nintendo Switch and thus from the fact that they have to Ensure a certain continuityas well as the potential differences in success that could emerge, as evidenced by the many ups and downs seen in the past with Nintendo consoles.

“The question whether the transition to the next generation can be smooth and painless is something that worries us a lot,” Furukawa said. “Based on our experiences with the Wii, Nintendo DS, and other devices, it’s clear that one of the biggest hurdles in intergenerational transmission is ensuring an easy transition from one device to another.”

“To help mitigate risks, we are focusing on construction long term relationships with our users. We will continue to release new games on the Nintendo Switch but also to promote services that use Nintendo accounts as well as the spread of our IP addresses outside the video game world. In this way we intend to build a lasting relationship with our users.”

Thus, the main problem is that more than 100 million users on the Nintendo Switch are not currently isolated, given that the updated sales figures talk about the sale of more than 107 million consoles. This is also related to the claims Furukawa made in the past, which seemed to suggest that there might be one Compatibility For the post-Nintendo Switch console: “There are approximately 100 million gamers a year, and going forward it’s important to think about how to maintain and expand that number,” the Nintendo President reported in February. “This will also be essential in our next console plans.”

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