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Rome – The Rome She is angry, frustrated, angry. Not only for the refereeing issue, as the data available during the season was penalizing the Giallorossi, even jeopardizing qualification in European League for the next season. Now it all depends on the last two league games. Rome plays the role of Turin. It is scheduled for Sunday 22, three days before the final Conference League against the Feyenoord. On the same evening the Tirana qualifiers invaded, Mourinho I specifically asked league To bring the Torino game to Friday, you have at least four days to prepare for the final. The next day, last Friday, Rome sent Lega a formal request for an advance. No response has been received yet. The league postpones its decision until next Monday, when the results of the penultimate round will be announced. Roma will surely please and division into last-day teams is being considered, based on ranking interests.

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How can the calendar change

On Friday, the teams participating in the European League (Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina and Atalanta) can play simultaneously on Friday the 20 teams for relegation (the group will kick off in light of the results of the penultimate day) and on Sunday. AC Milan and Inter are the two remaining contenders for the Scudetto. But there is a problem with pleasing Rome: Lazio And Fiorentina They will go into the penultimate round of the game on Monday, and expect Friday to be 48 hours short to recover from Roma, who play early on Saturday. Moreover, it seems that even Torino will not be too happy to bring the last day to Friday, as they planned to celebrate the conclusion of the tournament with their fans on Sunday. In short, a nice mess. The fact remains that organizing a move to Turin is a big problem for Rome, because they couldn’t even deal with the logistical aspect ten days ago, when almost all the hotels were full for the book fair.

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Feyenoord in the sun

Roma are the only Italian team left to represent our humble football and have a chance of winning an international title. It is expected to take notice by the football government. Also because from yesterday’s news that Feyenoord chose to prepare for the end AlgarveIn Lagos, not far from where Mourinho made his pre-season preparations last summer. The Dutch will move to Portugal In a week at the end of the tournament. On the other hand, Roma will prepare for the final in Trigoria anyway to avoid any additional travel. The CEO of the First Division also expressed his opinion on this matter Luigi de Servo: «Checks are in progress, progress cannot be granted immediately, and the iron rule of the First Division is that matches with the same objective are played simultaneously. Without a general principle, let’s analyze each possibility“.

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De Siervo also referred to the regulation, according to which all matches of the participating teams must be played to achieve identical goals simultaneously. Rome is waiting to know the program. I am sure that your application will be accepted on Monday. Mourinho’s side reached the European Cup final after 14 games, and faced the inconvenience of matches after less than 72 hours of European commitments. It so happened that she played on Sunday at 8.45pm after returning at 5.25am on Friday from Lister. Or on Monday in Naples after returning on Friday at lunchtime from Bodo. It will be necessary to understand whether it is in Lega’s priority to protect the only Italian team that has reached the final. It will be important not to make superficial decisions, such as the one that led Fiorentina and Lazio into the penultimate round on Monday.

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