The war in Ukraine, the first interruption of gas flows “due to the actions of the Russian forces”: at the Tarvisio Junction – 30% of the supply

The first interruption to come Russian gas to Europe because of the war in Ukraine. The Penalties They have nothing to do with it: the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system has decided to stop jutsuwho announced that he had to suspend Float received from entry point Sukhranivka The result of the “actions of the Russian occupying forces”. In fact, the path passes through a compression station Novobskov Crossing Donbass And the Russians, as society accuses, are Subtract Part of the transit gas (presumably directed specifically to the breakaway regions). This jeopardizes More and the safety The entire gas transportation system, “says Kyiv. Hence the decision to recall force majeure clause The transfer was halted after Gazprom “repeatedly informed” of the problems with the presence of troops from Moscow. The effects are being felt: supplies to the Italian hub Tarvisio decreased by 30%, Even if at present the decline is offset by an increase in imports through other entry points. The same goes for Germany.

Approximately a third of the flows to Europe through Ukraine pass through the Novopskov border station: until 32 million cubic meters Per day. Accordingly the second Yuri Vitrenko The number one Ukrainian state oil and gas company Naftogazsupplies will drop just as much unless Russia redirects Gas in compressor station sudjatowards the north and in agreement with the territories controlled by Kyiv (see map), which has twice the capacitance. ‘Does not require streaming transfer There is no extra cost from the Russian side Gutsu’s statement stresses that there are no technical obstacles to such an operation. In this way, Russia will be able to maintain transit through Ukraine and fulfill its obligations to its European partners.

Russian group Gazprom – according to which the crossing was always smooth.without disturbingThe share of supplies at risk is a quarter of the total, not a third – in its own words unacceptable This option of the transmitter, although the initial data on the flow show larger volumes through a second station in the area controlled by Ukraine.

He said that the Italian system currently does not record a slowdown in arrivals “thanks to the interconnectedness of networks and the diversity of import sources.” hump. From the data published in real time on its site it appears that the streams In Tarvisio they are decreasing Compared to Tuesday: afternoon 1.5 million standard cubic meters In the clock against me 2.2 yesterday morning. But it is partially offset by a greater influx. a Grace Bass (from Norway and the Netherlands), reaching 2.1 million cubic meters per hour compared to 1.5 on Tuesday morning, and Mazara del Vallo (from Algeria 2.8 million cubic meters compared to 2.6). So demand is met at the moment and gas injection continues storage. The the prices In the first exchanges in Amsterdam, the reference square for Europe, they exceeded i 100 euros per megawatt-hour to 103, up 4% from Tuesday’s close. Then they returned about 93 euros.

Mario Draghi During the bilateral meeting at the White House with the US President Joe Biden Repeat that “there is a need for Ceiling price gas at the European level”. Proposal made by Italy, Spain And Portugal Already during the European Council at the end of March, failed to overcome the veto of Northern European countries, who feared Moscow’s retaliation despite the strong negotiating power of the European Union, which is by far the largest importer of gas. Madrid and Lisbon advanced on their own, on the strength of the so-called Iberian exception Linked to the fact that the two countries produce a high percentage of electricity from the sources renewablethey have poor power connections with the rest of the European grid and thanks to the cults Regas It does not depend on imports of pipelines. Rome continues to bridge emergencies for families and businesses with temporary help.

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