Ukraine and Russia: News of today’s war. Azovstal is still standing

Joe Biden and Prime Minister Mario Draghi met last night in the Oval Office. Perhaps the most important thing that emerged was that America and Italy united again as never before, in the years of populist governments. “Putin thought about dividing us with war, but he failed,” Draghi said. Who then demanded that every joint effort be made to “stop the massacre”. With this hope, far from being fulfilled at the present time, the seventy-seventh day of the war in Ukraine begins. Russian attacks continue, especially in the east and south of the country. The war is in a “dynamic stalemate”: the Ukrainians have practically recaptured the Kharkiv region, they are thirty kilometers from the Russian border, and dozens of villages in the Donbass. The Russians have captured Popasna but there is bitter fighting in the area which has become the heart of the war. Mariupol has not yet given up. The US House has given the green light for another 40 billion package of aid.
reportage – Bucha, in the aftermath of the massacres: “They were killed for a look”
the background – And the director of US intelligence said: “Putin can use nuclear weapons if he feels the loss of the war. And prepare for a long war and escalation.”
the story – Ludmilla and the Others, The Story of Russian Hostages
Date – The first of them, the 98-year-old sniper: From the Red Army to the Resistance on the side of Ukraine
Andrea Margeletti’s point of view – Many hope for Putin’s illness. It is a pity that the exchange rates in Russia prefer hawks rather than doves ”

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09.35 – Ukrainian sources: Russia is “extremely concerned” about counter-attacks near Kharkiv
Russia has amassed about 20 combat battalions in Belgorod, a Russian city near the Ukrainian border, and is concerned about possible Ukrainian counterattacks, according to a senior Ukrainian official. “According to the staff [delle forze armate ucraine]Vadim Denisenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, told Ukrainian television that the Russians are very concerned about our counter-attack in the Kharkiv region, north of the Kharkiv region, to be exact.

09.15 – The Pope meets the wives of the fighters of the Azov Battalion
At the end of the public presence in St. Peter’s Square, at the moment of the so-called “kiss of the hand”, Pope Francis will meet and greet the wives of two officers of the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian military unit whose fighters are a militant. Currently fortified in the tunnels of the Azovstal steel plant Mariupol, against the last irreducible resistance in a city already in the hands of the Russians. The young wives of the Azov soldiers wrote to the Pope in recent days and, surprisingly, yesterday received an invitation to today’s meeting among the public. So they are in the courtyard of the Vatican, waiting for the Pope to greet.

08.47 – gas, the price drops below 100 euros with a stop at the entrance to Ukraine
The price of gas on the European market drops below 100 euros, after the operator of the Ukrainian gas system announced that Russian flows through the Sukhranivka entry point have been cut off as of today at 7 am. Gazprom said yesterday that it is not technically feasible to transfer gas flows to Ukraine to a new entry point, as suggested by the Ukrainian company. In the Dutch reference centre, Ttf, contracts in the first exchanges rose over €100 per MWh, but are now making 0.30% to €98.50 per MWh.
08.42 – Putin, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, confident of victory with joint efforts
Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the President of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushlin on the National Day of the Republic, saying in a telegram published on the Kremlin’s website that he was confident of a victory. TASS reports. “I am confident that our joint efforts will allow us to overcome every obstacle and achieve victory,” the cable said.
08.36 – Moscow, Russia and Ukraine are in contact on talks
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that “contacts” were underway between Moscow and Kiev about negotiations. Radio Sputnik stated that “communications are underway,” TASS reports.
07.36 –To the people who died in the fires in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia
Eight people are reported to have died in fires in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region. State investigators have three people in custody for gross negligence. 518 homes have been destroyed so far.
06.58 – Ukraine: Fighting continues on Snake Island
Fighting continues on Zmini Island, now known as Snake Island, a strategy, as the Ukrainian Defense Forces recall, for control of the northwest Black Sea. Reinforcements arrived at the Russian garrison on the island while reinforcements arrived at the Russian garrison on the island. The Ukrainians claim to have destroyed, with Bayraktar drones, the occupiers’ anti-aircraft batteries as well as their supplies by sea. The Ukrainians also declared that each new attack attempt by the enemy puts them in a position to give them new opportunities to attack the Russians.

The Russian Ministry of Defense shows how the Su-35S is armed: the operation on Ukrainian soil

04.31 – The American Chamber approves new aid worth 40 billion
The US Chamber has overwhelmingly approved the new $40 billion aid package – military, economic and humanitarian – to Ukraine proposed by US President Joe Biden. The new funding passed 368 to 57 and is likely to be approved by the Senate by the end of the week.

02:00 – US intelligence: 10 Russian generals killed by Kyiv forces
Between eight and ten Russian generals were killed in Ukraine by Kyiv’s forces. This was stated by the head of US military intelligence, General Scott Perrier, explaining that the heavy losses were due to the “unusual role” that Moscow’s military leaders played in the war against Ukraine. “Instead of commanding operations from a distance – explained Perrier – the Russian generals had to go to the front to ensure that their orders were carried out.”

Zelensky: “Expulsion of the population from the Kharkiv region”

01.25 – The White House: Biden and Draghi’s commitment to peace
“In their meeting in the Oval Office, Joe Biden and Prime Minister Mario Draghi reaffirmed their commitment to seeking peace by supporting Ukraine and imposing costs on Russia”: We read it in the summary of the interview released by the White House, where for the first time in a long time the US president uses the word “peace” Which the Italian Prime Minister insisted today. Faced with global economic challenges created by Russian stocks, they discussed measures aimed at enhancing food security and reshaping global energy markets.

Draghi at the White House: Putin thought of dividing us, but failed

01.20 – The Pentagon: US weapons to Ukraine even before the invasion
The United States sent weapons to Ukraine “long before the invasion” by Russia. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News. “The United States has informed the entire world of what it has seen Russia do since last fall: massing troops on the border with the goal of invading Ukraine,” a Defense Department spokesman said. “We said it loud and clear, from here but also from all over the world, especially in Europe,” Kirby added, stressing that “not everyone believed us. But we were right about what Russia would do.”

00.20 – Nyt: Pussy Riot has escaped from Russia
A member of Pussy Riot has fled Russia. Maria Alyokhina first caught the attention of the Russian authorities and the world when a punk band organized a protest against President Vladimir Putin at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. The gesture cost the woman two years in prison for “riot”. After imprisoning him six more times since last summer, each time for 15 days, last April, when Putin began to quell any criticism of the invasion of Ukraine, the authorities announced that the house arrest in Alyokhina would turn into a criminal colony within 21 days. . So Pussy Riot decided it was time to leave Russia, at least temporarily. And succeeded, writes The New York Times, disguised as a food delivery clerk to escape from the Moscow police, who were guarding her friend’s apartment where she was staying. The woman left her cell phone at home to avoid being tracked. With the help of friends, I was then able to get to Lithuania a few days later.

00.15 – Eurovision, Lithuanian Monica Liu shout the slogan of the Ukrainian resistance
“Ukrainian Slava!” Monica Liu, the Lithuanian singer who qualified tonight in Turin for the Eurovision final, shouts the slogan of the Ukrainian resistance during the press conference following the first evening on the stage of the show. “We have to help this country, it needs us,” he said, explaining that he chose to sing in Lithuanian “despite the fact that, 30 years after independence, many people still think that our official language is Russian.”

00.10 – Zelensky remembers the first president who died at the age of 88: “We will achieve victory and peace”
Leonid Kravchuk, who in his childhood survived World War II and the occupation, knew the cost of freedom. With all his heart he wanted peace for Ukraine, and I am sure we will achieve it. We will achieve our victory and our peace.” Thus, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called up the personality of the first president of independent Ukraine, who died today at the age of 88. “No matter what happened” after his presidency, Zelensky was quoted as saying, “Kravchuk has always been with Ukraine.” guardian.

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