“I cleaned my dressing room”

He has been part of the Amici team for years showing professionalism and passion for his work: yesterday he said his farewell to the program.

In more than twenty years, it often happened that graduate dancers friends He had the opportunity to work on the program as a professional in later versions. In recent years, one of the regular appearances in the cast of Canale 5 has been the appearance of Julia Bauselli. In 2010, the Florentine dancer participated as a competitor in the tenth season of the show, taking second place in the ball category.

Friends, After 5 Years Leaving Show: “I Cleaned My Dressing Room” (Credits: Witty Tv)

Julia was born on March 2, 1991, and is happy with her classmate Marcelo SachetShe is also a professional dancer on the show until last year. The two met and fell in love only years ago friends In a few months, they will have their first child.

Throughout this period, despite the baby bump, Pauselli was able to continue working on moving Maria de FilippiAn environment in which I have always felt welcome and protected. Now, it’s time for you to leave and think of new projects. For now, of course, it will be the first chapter of his new life that will open with the arrival of the child, and then he will think about the rest.

Friends, Julia Bauzelli leaves the show: Dancer’s Words

Julia had already expressed her intention to leave the talent a year ago, on the occasion of a meeting friends Specials On Amazon Prime Video. He explained to the boys from the latest version that the role of a professional dancer is friends He felt that he had been granted a big wish and that perhaps it was time to pursue other dreams.

Pregnancy only contributed to the decision, which has already been in the air for some time: in an Instagram post, she told fans After I emptied his dressing room And to be “happy and nostalgic”. The feelings are more than understandable, given the wonderful memories that have accumulated during five years in that place that was his “refuge in action, that place where the whole universe revolved 6 months ago,” he wrote.

There was no shortage of thanks to the show and to Maria De Filippi herself who has always supported her in every choice since she was pregnant.

Friends Program
Credits: Instagram

A farewell that will certainly displease many fans, but we are sure that Julia has a bright future ahead of her.

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