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Mara Venier and the great pain I still live with years later. The presenter revealed everything via social media

pain of loss It survives even when it has been overrun for years and years. And so, during the anniversary, that pain surely comes back alive and brings to mind all those who are flashbacks. And even for famous people, all this has a specific and very important weight, and often there is also a desire to share grief, or at least that pain that hurts even after many years.

Mara Venier (web source)

The woman who has suffered so much, especially in the past two years, has also done so in these hours. Mara Venere A veteran of the small screen, she is a television lady who has gathered a very important consensus on these matters, with audiences who have learned to love her but above all appreciate that great sympathy that is often shown precisely from the screen. “Aunt Mara”, as many have now renamed her, has a very important fan following, who have become very fond of who she is and the person she has shown herself to be during her career.

So it’s not just about the practical side. This sense of motherhood that Venier conveys to the audience, which can also be seen during the interviews that follow each other during ‘Sunday inRAI is Mara’s home, and the public broadcaster has bet her a lot on her, dissuading her from any sort of idea of ​​a possible farewell. “ZIa Mara” shouldn’t have moved on from there, at least not according to all the followers who followed her for years.

Mara Vinier, the pain returns to the surface: years have passed …

Mara Venere
Mara Vinier and her mother Elsa (Instagram)

There are memories, as mentioned, They still don’t erase at all In the hearts of those who live love and take it to important levels. And when this love is associated with one of the parents, all this takes on an even more important dimension. This was demonstrated by Mara, who in the last few hours remembered her mother Elsa who passed away in 2015 after a long battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

The presenter of “Dominica Inn” wanted to remember her mother on “Mother’s Day”, through a post on her Instagram profile, through which she felt all the pain that Mara still experiences even at a distance of many years. “Mom… my life… when I think of you I can not breatheThe words of great tenderness added to the picture the introduction of the same Venetian program.

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