Miguel surprised by Marcos, is he doing poorly?

Genoveva tries to understand something about Natalia’s nightmares, especially why she constantly mentions Marcus during her delusions.

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At Salmeron’s insistence, Aurelio publicly apologizes to Marcus, who nevertheless grants no forgiveness.

Miguel lies to Marcos to get him out of the house and tries to steal, but Bacigalupe suddenly returns and surprises the boy as he tries to break into the safe.

Ignacio realizes that Josè Miguel is asking him very private questions and avoids meeting Florencio.

Casilda pushes Alodia to talk again with Ignacio about a possible pregnancy: the girl accepts the advice, but does not like how she feels about the young man’s reaction: if she is pregnant, he will abandon her!

Cervante decided the Churro Va team was ready to compete, so they all left for La Navilla del Rio.

Lolita is satisfied with Antonioto and leaves with her and her little Moncho.

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