Referees: Milan-Atalanta in Orsato. Cagliari Inter entrusted to Dufry

Here are the names of the 37th round: For Juventus, there is Airoldi. In the queue, Empoli Salernitana will be directed by Massa

Daniele Orsato will be the referee of Milan-Atalanta, the first match point in the Rossoneri Championship. But for Pioli’s side to be crowned Italian champions, a potential Inter foul at Cagliari, a match entrusted to Daniele Doveri, is also needed. These are the designations for round 37 of the Italian Serie A.

Empoli – Salernitana (Saturday, 3pm)
Referee: Massa. Assistants: Peretti Alassio. Fourth official: Marcenaro. Farr: De Bello. VAR Assistant: Filler.

Verona – Turin (Saturday, 6 pm)

Referee: Camploni. Assistants: Scarpa Nuzzi. Fourth official: Colombo. Farr: Magione. Var’s Assistant: Dionysi.

Udinese – Spezia (Saturday, 6 pm)

Referee: Aureliano. Assistants: Marjani Zangarilli. Fourth official: Prontera. Var: Irrati. Mouse Assistant: Great.

Rome – Venice (Saturday, 8.45 pm)

Referee: Sousa. Auxiliaries: Le Cicero Galletto. Fourth official: Minnelli. Farr: By Paolo. Var’s Assistant: Di Martino.

Bologna Sassuolo (Sunday, 12.30)

Referee: Gursini. Assistants: Garzelli-Laudato. Fourth official: Baroni. Farr: Mazzolini. Assistant var: Sera.

Naples – Genoa (Sunday, 3 pm)

Referee: Smiths. Assistants: Basri Costanzo. Fourth official: Giua. Var: The abyss. Mouse Assistant: Maggioni.

Milan – Atalanta (Sunday, 6 pm)

Referee: Orsato. Assistants: Preity Gialatini. Fourth official: Rabuano. Var: Irrati. Var’s Assistant: Dionysi.

Cagliari – Inter (Sunday, 8.45 pm)

Verdict: duties. Assistants: Rangeti Vivenzi. Fourth official: Maxima. Farr: De Bello. VAR Assistant: Zoverly.

Sampdoria – Fiorentina (Monday, 18.30)

Referee: Mariani. Assistants: Bendoni Tolvo. Fourth man: honey. Farr: Mazzolini. Assistant var: Paterna.

Juventus-Lazio (Monday, 8.45 pm)

Referee: Airoldi. Assistants: Brianna Ciccone. Fourth official: Pezzuto. Farr: Aureliano. VAR Assistant: Zoverly.

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