She would have loved the catwalk, Jessica Selassie’s reaction to Costanzo’s words about Lulu

The words of Maurizio Costanzo during his presentation last night to Lolli Selassie make fans of the princesses argue: “She wished she could do the podium,” he told Manuel Portozzo. A few minutes ago Jessica Selassie reacted.

to intervene Maurizio Costanzo On his late night show that aired last night. The famous conductor was welcomed into the studio Manuel Portozzo And Aldo Montano Among the various questions asked to the swimmer, he could not miss the question of his now ex-girlfriend, Lulu Selassie. “Sorry, but what happened to that nosy girlfriend of yours? “ Costanzo asked at first, before continuing with him “The girl liked performing on stage“.”I left her, she leads her life, and I’m mineThe former GF VIP contestant responded. The episode drew a lot of criticism from Twitter users who described those outings as “discriminatory” against the princess. to break the silence now Jessica Selassie.

Jessica Selassie’s reaction to Maurizio Costanzo’s words

Through an Instagram story, Jessica Selassie commented on the curtain that was broadcast Maurizio Costanzo Show With the heroes Manuel Portozo and Aldo Montano. The bandleader’s words could have raised their noses, “The girl liked the stage performance”. The winning princess in Big Brother VIP 6 was “silent”: among her stories she added the video of the episode with the script. “No comment”.

lulu’s silence

In addition to the confession of the father Manuel Portozzo After declaring the separation, Lulu Selassie She never spoke about her past relationship again. Despite reports that the swimmer was close to his ex-girlfriend, Federica Pizziand the numerous interviews published by the same, being the protagonist born againIn the TV movie about her story, the princess preferred to remain silent. And he did not comment on the most circulating episode of those hours on Twitter, his sister took his place.

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